News Month: January 2012

When a close friend of yours falls ill and has to step out of her, or his, everyday living then you know what you have to do; you have to step right up and give a helping hand to speed that friend’s rehabilitation and recovery. Well, Maki Noguchi has a lot of great friends, and when she was recently incapacitated by illness those friends came to the rescue and organized an event to raise money to enable her return to normal life again. What a stand-up bunch, huh? We would all count ourselves very lucky if we had friends like this. But not only are they an altruistic crowd, they are also some of the premier talents of San Francisco’s kicking house scene. So you’re gonna get an event for a great cause that has an excellent soundtrack.

FULL CIRCLE,” a benefit for MAKI NOGUCHI, is in the Oddjob Loft of Public Works … Read more ›

‘Cos Zev certainly ain’t no sheep, he leads the (Wolf) pack and he’s part of Wolf + Lamb (pictured) with cohort Gadi. Anyways, regardless of what kinda animal Zev is we sure know what kinda animal he is when he steps up behind the decks. The kind that delivers all the jams all the time; the slows ones, the fast ones, the techy ones, the soulful ones and the funky ones. And that is something we are sure about.

On Saturday, February 4th Zev will be playing a nice long set in the Public Works Oddjob Loft. Joining him will be Peter Blick of People Watch and Public Works itself. He will open the night with an eclectic warm-up set that will set the tone perfectly for Zev to take us deeper into the night’s musical journey. At this point Wolf + Lamb need no introduction, their label Wolf + Lamb Music is synonymous … Read more ›

Public Works is proud to present Karm of Italian tech-house duo Tale of Us on Thursday, February 9th. Tale Of Us, which is comprised of  Karm (Carmine Conte to the lady at his local dry-cleaners) and Matteo Milleri, put out an EP on Visionquest last year that got tongues wagging and butts moving, creating somewhat of a stir around the Berlin based pair. But on top of that, and a ton of dj bookings, Conte and Milleri have also remixed a who’s who of the tech-house galaxy.  They’ve carried out sonic remodeling on Jay Haze, Maceo Plex, Thugfucker, DJ T. and Gus Gus, among many, many others. Their remixes have also made their way onto compilations like Sasha’s Never Say Never mix CD for Mixmag, Kompakt’s Total 12 comp and Lee Curtiss’ Watergate 08 mix. That’s pretty good shooting, as one might say, for the young Italians.

We’re delighted to have them at Public Works and they … Read more ›

Icee Hot will be two years of age on Saturday, January 28th and they’ve been so nice as to celebrate it with us at Public Works. In that short two-year span they have brought in 47 guests, 26 of whom had never played in San Francisco before. Not three bad huh, or two bad, years that is, huh? This time around the guests are also new to SF, and they are Mosca and Altered Natives, two U.K. acts who are disregarding the boundaries between styles and pushing dance music forward.

Mosca (pictured) has thrown out genre-defying and dance floor destroying cuts on several labels, swerving between UK and US garage, house, dubstep and r&b with seeming ease. His Square One EP on Night Slugs in 2010 announced his arrival and was followed by his staggering remix of T Williams and Terri Walker’s “Heartbeat,” a lover’s … Read more ›

On January 27th another As You Like It at Public Works will manifest before your very eyes. Hot on the heels of the Laurent Garnier show — which will be epic — Bispo & Co. roll out a night devoted to the pride of Ann Arbor and probably thee best indie/electronic labels in the land, which will feature a host of artists who ply their quality, artistic endeavors on the labels in question. And the question is, of course, to which labels are we referring? The answer is Ghostly International, and its prolific subsidiary (God, I love that word!) imprint, Spectral Sound.

At this point you are holding your head in both hands and loudly intoning, “No way, it cannot be, it can…not be.” But to interpolate — I love this word as well and I kinda know what it means too — some of the lofty dialog from “Bill and Ted’s … Read more ›

Christopher Evans, better known as Toph One, was in a hit ‘n’ run accident just over a week ago. As he is like furniture in the San Francisco dj scene (he’s a large armoire in the corner that looks like it’s gonna fall over, but never does) we decided to throw a benefit party for him on Friday, the 20th of this month, to help him with his medical costs so he can get out of this tricky situation.

All the djs on the bill are donating their time and include the following rogues gallery of deck techs; J Boogie, Jimmy Love from Non Stop Bhangra, Matt Haze of Slayers Club, Pleasure Maker from Afrolicious, Sweater Funk’s Guillermo, the Brass Tax Crew, Smoove, Motion Potion and me, yeah me.

The festivities will run from 9:00PM til 3:00AM and there will be drink specials all through the night. So stop by and give the man a … Read more ›

Detroit native Reeves will be in town on Friday the 13th to turn your bad luck around. Along with his friends Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Seth Troxler he has helped take the Detroit sound — and techno in general — into warmer textures, away from the cold austerity of minimalism towards soulful party music. Together these four heads are Visionquest, a multi-genre dj team, live act and record label.

Reeves is now resident in Berlin where he combines his American house roots with the cutting edge aspects of tech-house and post-minimal techno by playing the best of the past with the best of the rest. It’s a fresh sound, perspective and approach to house and techno and one that will breath new life into genres that were beginning to get a little too sparse. He has shared his distinctive style with audiences at Panorama Bar and … Read more ›