News Month: January 2012

This Saturday the Afrolicious gang come through to the Works to funk up your life…again. Pleasuremaker has been rocking the Mission, the city, the Bay, the Bay Area and other areas away from the Bay Area for what seems like eons. Their heady mix of dance music, live instruments and percussion cuts across genre and tempo with one objective; to help you dance your posterior off. Their weekly party has been rammed for years and we are lucky to have them on board at Public Works at the weekend.

So dust off yer dancin’ shoes, make sure you’ve had an adequate supply of protein, do a few crunches and push-ups and take it to the floor at the Works for what should prove to be a grand night for groovin,’ gyratin’ dancin,’ prancin,’ and romancin.’ And we can guarantee it ‘cos we’ve already seen it. Afrolicious rocks, no question.

Chris Orrs