News Month: October 2012

Quite possibly the most handsome duo in electronic music, Benoit & Sergio are coming to San Francisco to win the hearts of your lovers. Seriously, aside from their dashing good looks, the pair produces freaky, cinematic dance-pop with a sexualized melodrama that pulses with uncommon influences. With nods to bands like Talking Heads, Pavement, & Roxy Music as well as to electronic contemporaries like Isolee and Ricardo Villalobos, Benoit & Sergio manage to transcend the confines of genres with a visceral, atmospheric take on electronic pop. The unexpected juxtaposition of pristine production and lyricism exemplifies why Benoit & Sergio are one of the most unique and interesting outfits in dance music today.

Benoit and Sergio will be headlining Night 1 of Freaker’s Ball on Friday Oct. 26th at Public Works Details here.

Although we love the concept of mooning people, this is a serious blog. So, here’s the serious stuff:

The Eighteenth Street lounge record label  (Thievery Corporation) has been holding it down on the “ethno-tronica” world for a hot minute now, deftly combining urban sensibilities with global rhythms and funky production. And no other artist on the roster embodies the globe-trotting vibe of the label better than Nickodemus–who just dropped his new release “Moon People” in June.

Nickodemus’ sound is like a carnival ride through the open air markets of the world.   Intersecting new with old, organic with electronic, and funky with the sacred, Nickodemus manages to celebrate the cultures of the world while moving dance-floors world wide.

Catch Nickodemus for a record release (no bare asses please) celebration Saturday at Public Works for a 2 room eclectic party alongside Afrolicious DJs and local soulsiders “Motown on Mondays” for … Read more ›

I think someone once said something about everything….ever, being made of stardust. While we aren’t necessarily advocating the validity of such a statement, we want to believe. And listening to Move D (aka David Moufang)’s music makes it hard not to conjure up images of interstellar journeys to the source of all life. Ranging from dreamlike textural sound-scapes, to jagged,  dragged out dance-floor burners. Moufang’s albums are loaded with contrasts, musical day-trips to the edge of the solar system and back if you will.

With more than 2 decades of holding down techno’s outer limits, and a host of legendary collab projects (Deep Space Network, Conjoint, REAGANZ) Moufang has been steadily exploring the boundaries of electronic music. Heavily incorporating dusted jazz, Detroit ambiences and a healthy amount of wired experimentation, Move D continues to push the limits of techno, creating a sound and space all his own.

Catch Move … Read more ›

Birdmonster is a veteran band in the San Francisco Indie Rock scene. They have been away for a few years and we wanted to find out what inspired the come back, and what we can expect on Thursday when they play the Rock-n-Roll Carnival at Public Works.

You guys took quite the hiatus. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Were you still involved in music?
We prefer to call it a sabbatical. It sounds ever so fancy. We’ve been in San Francisco, doing a variety of spectacular or inglorious things, depending on the band member. Some of us got married. Some of us went to school. Some of us decided to see how much gin you could drink in a single sitting. Pete’s been working on a solo project called Sonny Pete and we still all get together to play music whenever we can. It’s just … Read more ›

We had a five minute chat recently with Shit Robot (DFA Records) to hear a little bit about his penchant for vinyl, a look back at DJing in the early 2000s and his upcoming set at Public Works.

Why did you start DJing?
I think it was just a natural progression. I’ve been buying vinyl for as long as I can remember. I started out buying punk records when I was a teenager and when I had a brief bout with breakdancing, I discovered the likes of Kraftwerk and YMO. Then I got pretty addicted to acid house in the late eighties and immediately began buying 12”s every weekend. My mate was a dj in Dublin at the time, so I watched him learn and picked up all the tricks as well as having an in to find out what all my favorite tracks were. When i moved to … Read more ›

Every 2 year old needs their own shirt. To celebrate our Anniversary, we printed up a few and we’ll be selling them starting tonight.
Since our Anniversary is about giving back to the community, We’ll also be giving free shirts to the first 3 people that arrive with clothing to donate to SF Smiles


It’s hard to believe we’ve been alive and kickin’ in the Mission for 2 years.  To celebrate our two-year anniversary we’re throwing a birthday bash that could quite possibly make birthday bash history- with an all star lineup including Max Cooper and our favorite local DJs.  To top it off, we’ll be giving back to the awesome community that has been our home.  All proceeds from the soirée will be donated to benefit two art based non-profit organizations here in the neighborhood, Root Division and Mission Graduates.

You may have heard of Root Division who has done events here in the past. Located on 17th street, they were founded back in 2002 by three artists & MFA graduates from the San Francisco Art Institute. Since then they have been developing what they call an “artist ecosystem” of curators, teachers, foundations, individuals and artists of all kinds to grow the creative community. … Read more ›