News Month: November 2012

Get me my coffee James f#$%in Murphy

It’s about 2 o’ clock in the afternoon, and I’m thinking  a cup of expertly made coffee is about to make the rest of the day go by so much smoother. So do I get a regular cup of coffee, or do I get a cappuccino? And do I get a maple-bacon donut or a gruyere and cinnamon goulash cookie with candied yam butter? Should I get that to go and waste a paper cup, or should I get it for here and waste time staring at shoes and ugly dogs? And do I put raw sugar or regular sugar in it. Milk or half & half? Or do I want foam? You know what, I really need a coffee consultant. Someone who really loves coffee, maybe even wants to develop their own blend. Ideally this person would also run their own record label … Read more ›

As an 18-year old delinquent with a mind full of dreams and psychedelics, The Bay Area was a sort of Mecca for this SoCal bred misfit. While there were scattered pockets of like-minded freaks in the LA / OC badlands, Central & Northern California were (are) ground zero for epic outdoor dance parties. So, imagine my excitement when i found myself on a converted school bus full of beautiful ,wild-eyed ravers headed to a beach just outside of San Francisco for a weekend of way-too-baggy pants, chemical-induced confusion, and reckless group transcendence. 3 bathroom stops and a couple of tiny, suspicious pieces of paper later, we were on top of a beachfront cliff looking out over a couple thousand weirdos getting the fuck down under the full moon. Some scrappy-looking fellow in a fedora was playing some really mischievous space-dub disco that all at once scared the shit out of … Read more ›

One of the definitions for the word House is : a shelter or refuge of a wild animal.
How fitting that HOUSES create music that would make the most feral of animals feel like it’s been living in a cloud palace enveloped by every blissful feeling its ever had.

Legend has it that HOUSES is the product of a mid-life crisis gone extremely right. After being laid off, Chicago-based producer, Dexter Tortoriello grabbed his girlfriend, headed to a remote part of Hawaii and proceeded to bliss-the-fuck-out, crunchy organic style. They showered with rain water, gathered solar energy  and managed to record a sun-drenched, languid kiss of an album ” All Night.”  Equal parts fuzzy pop, ambient soaring, and dazed bedroom musings, All Night is an album for the ages. Equally appropriate for daydreaming at the beach and autumnal  nights by the fire, the album is mood music for the vagabond expat in … Read more ›


Show him your support and bring a stuffed animal to the show on Friday Nov. 2nd  for $5 off your ticket.
**good for the first 10 people that arrive.