News Month: December 2012

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps engaged in a year-long game setup by a shady corporation intent on giving you a life-changing experience via live-action role playing, we’ve got some news for you….New York got f***ed up by a hurricane calling itself Sandy. And being the upstanding, thoughtful citizens that we are, we  decided to rally some of our favorite Bass-heads for a night of low-end fueled philanthropy. We’re partnering with an organization called SAVETHECHILDREN.ORG. Save the Children has already deployed people to hardest-hit areas of New Jersey and New York to ensure children’s needs are addressed in the aftermath of the ‘superstorm.’ Save the Children has a strong track record of responding to emergencies in the region. In shelters, Save the Children is providing basic necessities for young children, such as nutritious food items, baby blankets, clothing and hygiene supplies.
We need your generous gift … Read more ›

I used to be a hippie. I mean, much more of a hippie than I am now….at least outwardly. I lived in a house 3 blocks from the beach in Santa Cruz with a rotating cast of characters taking up residence for various amounts of time. We used to have potlucks and and parties, and stayed up late recording music in the garage. Copious amounts of tea was drank and even more copious amounts of weed was smoked. There were many Saturday afternoons where the house was full of people, all the windows open, quinoa cookin’ on the stove, and Thievery Corporation blasting out the speakers. There was something magical about that combination of sunny afternoons with friends and the outernational sounds of “the Mirror Conspiracy” album. It made us feel like we were on some sort of cosmic jungle yacht party with secret billionaire spies. The dense, heady dub … Read more ›

Nope, not anymore. It’s also the solo project of Mi Ami’s Daniel Martin-McCormick. Hot and sticky humid DC nights. San Fran brotherly love bangers. You-Can-Have-It-All loftings in Brooklyn. Ital bounces between these like a mechanized conga beat, offering up the kind of cuts that make you move like the smoother, sweeter version of yrself. This is the ultimate reversal of the day that disco died, the perfect envisioning of a dance culture that threw away the cheeky kitsch of hustle hangovers but held on to the je ne sais quoi of glitterfeti neon nightlife. In 2012 Martin-McCormick released his debut album Hive Mind on Planet Mu.


ITAL plays tonight in San Francisco at Public Works for FUTURE PERFECT alongside local favorites SOLAR / MARCO DE LA VEGA / LORIC / & HAWA


Every so often, while amidst the throes of dream-chasing and getting shit done, you have to stop what you’re doing, pick your head up and take stock of the wreckage you’ve inadvertently left behind in the pursuit of your wildest goals. It seems like the winter months are the perfect time to pause and reflect on what was and will never be again. We’re coming up on our 2nd holiday season as a venue and are now taking a second to look at what the hell we’ve done. It’s been a busy one, check out some of the folks who have graced our stage:

Seth Troxler Laurent Garnier (Live Booth Sessions) Claude Von Stroke Nina Kraviz Moodymann Benoit & Sergio Hybrid Jeff Mills Lee Burridge Stanton Warriors Diplo Ryan Crosson Jamiee XX John Talabot (Live) Untold Martyn Damian Lazarus Heidi DOP (live) Thugfucker DJ Hell Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap … Read more ›

Oh man, there’s a giant fuzzy alien living inside my dome right now. And that motherf***er is hell bent on making my life a goopy mess today. It insists on being fed large amounts of coffee and making me stare at the computer screen until I realize it’s been 15 minutes since I typed a word. So, in the interest of not digging a vacuous hole into your memory places, I’m gonna pass this one off to our friends over at the All Shook Down blog for the Sf Weekly….


“A deep collective sigh could be heard from the world’s indie music fans last year when LCD Soundsystem announced its breakup. The decision left many wondering where members like James Murphy, Nancy Whang, and Pat Mahoney were going to take their careers next. While some joined bands such as !!!, others chose to continue sharing music with … Read more ›

There are few crews in the Bay Area that are as synonymous with Burning Man Culture as Opel. Headed up by the the Opulent Temple Camp’s mastermind and  dj Syd Gris, Opel brings the Playa to the Bay for all the dusty expats waiting for the next trek to the desert. Known for epic events showcasing some of the world’s best in techno + breaks, electro & house, Opel events are a study in raucous, righteous celebration. The Opel gang teams up with Public Works and a host of the Bay’s dustiest djs to welcome German tech house and techno hero Marc Romboy. Check out his “soulful techno house” at the Winter Invitational this Friday.

OPEL & Public Works Present: “WINTER INVITATIONAL” w/ MARC ROMBOY (Systematic – Germany)
Local support by : Syd Gris (Opel / Opulent Temple) / Peter Blick (Public Works) / Melyss (Opel / Homebreakin’ Records) / Smoove (Nu … Read more ›