News Month: February 2012

Afrolicious bring it every time they come through Public Works and throw down an epic session of Afro-tinged groovers with added percussion. Their next kick-ass party on Friday, March 2nd will be no different. OK, let me clarify that, it might be a little different only because this time they have Ursula 1000 on board as guest. New York-based producer Alex Gimeno is the man behind this classic project, which has released music on prestigious and prolific labels like Thievery Corps’ Eighteenth Street Lounge Music and Bungalow in Berlin.

Gimeno will be taking to the decks at Afrolicious and showing us how it’s done, properly. Joey Pleasuremaker and Oz will also be on the team to drive the dance floor and the dancers to new heights of madness. And live percussion will also be on hand — or under hands — to add to the intensity. You … Read more ›

The first Casual Encounter on December 23rd was a bit of a laugh to say the least. And with the party happening two nights before Christmas the assembled posse wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Well, their expectations proved to be incorrect and it turned out to be a bit of a  banger with the Oddjob Loft of Public Works packed to capacity with folks frugging out (yes there was a lot of frugging going on) to classic house, new stuff, UK garage, Italo and a clutch of other styles.

This time around it’s occurring on Thursday February 23rd and the players are as follows, the High Fantasy kids Alexis Blair Penney and DJ Vivian, Primo, Monsieur M, Loric from Water Borders and Chris Orr (never heard of him) coalescing around some sublime grooves and party rockin’ jamages that will cause damages on the dance floor. So if … Read more ›

This is the second year of the very enjoyable and informative Noise Pop Culture Club at Public Works, which happens during the day on Saturday, the 25th of February between 11:30AM and 6:30PM. It’s essentially a celebration of the creativity of forward looking players in the the music, film, art, design, food and technology communities. You can take a place in a forum or workshop of your choice (see here for the specifics on times and subjects) and perhaps come away with some much-needed guidance or info so that your creativity can flourish.

Among the wide range of subjects and speakers are the following, Big Freedia will give a lecture on how to ‘bounce, ‘ Johnny Jewel of Glass Candy will talk about scoring for movies, Dubspot will offer a workshop on Ableton live and a session called SCORED will discuss aspects of Georges Méliès seminal 1902 science fiction movie Read more ›

I’m looking for an award for the most colorful (and least understandable, I hear a few readers opine) headline of the day. What does it all mean? — like the sample in the old De La Soul tune says. Well, what it means is this here, Hard French are opening for a Noise Pop show featuring Big Freedia on Saturday, Febroooarrry 25fif 2012 at Public Works. So what do youz think of that there then?

Well let me add this; back last year Freedia performed at the club for the first time and without employing any sales pitch it was a banging-a@# show. Yes, it was, it was banging and there was a significant amount of a@# in the house. At one point I was standing on the stairs, staring (well that’s what you do on stairs right?) at the lunacy that was transpiring on the packed … Read more ›

Or should the headline read, “Oh noise, who’s bringing the Dear to the Works? Either way it works. Simply put, Matthew Dear is playing a live show at Public Works on Friday, February 24th for the Noise Pop festival. Won’t that be a hoot? Yes it will. And it’s a live set not a dj set, so you’ll get to hear him in all his glory, pushing out a clutch of his own tunes.

Matthew Dear really needs no introduction to Bay Area electronic music fanatics. He’s played here to capacity crowds on many occasions, while his releases on quality imprints like Ghostly International and Spectral Sound have garnered him a massive global following. Tunes like “Dog Days” and “Pom Pom” are forever etched on our minds due to their infectious grooves and Dear’s dry, ironic vocal approach. His Audion side project helps the minimal tech kids shake a … Read more ›

What isn’t there to love about Harvey? We all love him. Every time he comes to San Francisco, we just can’t wait to get out on the floor and get some more of his funky stuff (there’s the makings of a disco lyric in there somewhere). Well, on Valentine’s Day, which is NEXT TUESDAY BTW (shorry for shouting) Harvey is gonna be playing at Public Works for the Sex & Design Foreplay party. This shindig is not only a celebration of the global day of love, but a  party for the launch of Sex & Design’s first print publication, which is also called FOREPLAY — no, it is not a magazine about golf, jeez.

Anywayz, where was I? Yeah, so this Sex & Design’s first print publication, and it is, to quote Sex & Design themselves, “a cross between a coffee table art book and a magazine, Sex+Design FOREPLAY … Read more ›

You wake up on a Friday morning, walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror, rub your eyes and think, “Jeekers, I’ve been going to Lights Down Low for six years and tonight is the anniversary party celebrating those six glorious and fulfilling years. Then you call in sick to work and head out to get yourself some new togs and things to pretty yerself up for the night. ” Yes kids, on Friday, February 17th, Lights Down Low will be four years short of a decade old (I didn’t want to use six again. OK?). How frippin’ excitingnistic is that eh? Rather, very, somewhat and significantly, I’d say.

But wait til youz hear (or read, but you’d hear it if someone was reading this blog post to you. Right?) who is on the bill. Now make sure you’re sitting down, I don’t want you falling over and hurting yourself, and … Read more ›