News Month: May 2012

Starship Connection is a live collaboration featuring, B. Bravo and Teeko — two of the Bay’s most prolific providers of forward-looking funk — and Daren Grant on keyboards and Bob Menacho on synth and electric bass. This awesome foursome has sculpted a wonderful fusion of melodic seduction, booty-moving bass, earth-shaking low end and top-notch musicianship. They bring an impressive cache of analog equipment, inspired artistry and musical chops to the table and then knock the table over with a lickle bit of bass. They are playing on the main floor of Public Works on Saturday, June 2nd.

Their tracks range from slow numbers for bumping and grinding to, right up to floor-rocking, hand-waving, panty-throwing anthems. Also on board — or on the bridge, should I say? — for the night are The Bangerz’ DJ Goldenchyld and Benito. Both these cats know how to rock the ones and … Read more ›

Yep, you heard that right! Murphy, James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem that is, will be rocking the ones and twos at Public Works tomorrow night, the 25th of May. To say that Murphy, his band, and the DFA label have had a serious influence on modern rock and dance music is an understatement. LCD and label mates The Rapture and The Juan MacLean (a previous Jackhammer guest) cast a long shadow over rock and dance floor music in the first decade of the 21st century. They carved out a place for dj culture in the unlikely world of rock ‘n’ roll and not only featured rocking grooves in their rock music but also stepped up to the plate and on occasion eased in behind the turntables and threw a few tunes down for people to gyrate to.

Murphy will be bringing his passion for dance cuts to us on Friday night and all I can … Read more ›

Icee Hot, purveyors of the best non-generic party in the city IMHO (shouldn’t dance music always be non-generic?) have another monster up their sleeve — those are some big sleeves,  like Napoleon’s; he kept his armies up his sleevies. But, I digress a tad, where was I? Yes, Icee Hot are bringing it large and very much in charge on the holiday Sunday, May 27th. This time around they are featuring Lazer Sword (pictured) who will be celebrating the release of their newest album on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Records label. Also on board is Detroit’s legendary DJ Stingray. Once again the line-up is varied and features artists from different areas of the EDM world, but both acts are EDM so they are from the same area. Right?

Lazer Sword originally hail from San Francisco and cut their teeth rocking parties in the city by the bay. Now Low … Read more ›

All you lovers of the deep tech are in for a major treat on Saturday, May 19th because As You Like It and Public Works are getting together again to throw one helluva partay.  This time around the talent is major, major, major and in a big way. None other Deetron and Camea are gracing the turntables at the Works and I know that you are as excited as I am. Deetron hails from Switzerland, where he cut his teeth on the decks at legendary niteries like Zurich’s Trax club way back in ’95.

Known to his mom as Sam Geiser and hailing from the Swiss city of Bern he fell in love with the sounds emanating from the American mid-west. His productions on reputable labels like Music Man and Circus Company reflect this undying passion for the innovative spirit of Chicago and Detroit. His work is a very … Read more ›

James Teej, the excellent, Toronto-based dj and producer is playing at Fedora’s birthday party on Saturday, May 12th. You probably remember last years kick-ass shindig when Fedora teamed up with us to  put on Soul Clap — who were on their DJ Kicks tour — and label mates Wolf + Lamb. The Wolf+Lamb brigade laid down the grooves for nearly nine hours. This do with Teej is gonna be on that level.

The Canadian has put out a clutch of very strong releases since 2008 on labels like Rekids, Connect Four Records, We Play House and his own My Favorite Robot Records. His special style of remixing has meant that his reworkings have been featured on releases by the likes of Trentemoller, Adultnapper, Toby Tobias, and Art Department’s Kenny Glasgow. His work has made it into the playlists of djs such as, Laurent Garnier, Radio Slave, Carl Cox, Danny … Read more ›

Icee Hot, purveyors of all that is icey cool, hot, eclectic and, fun bring another banger to the Loft of the Works. This time around, on Saturday, May 5th, they come correct — but not any more correcter than they have been in past — with none other than Levon Vincent. If you even have had a brief, fleeting, bitter-sweet, yet wholly fulfilling tryst with house music then you will know who this young man is. He’s from NY, resides in Berlin and makes chunky house music that is very pleasurable to listen, and dance, to.

He also runs the Novel Sound label — and its sub-label, Deconstruct — with partner, Anthony Parasole, and has put out material on imprints such as, Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality, Berlin club Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label and Josh Wink’s Ovum. Most recently he’s had a mix released by those fine folks at … Read more ›