News Month: June 2012

Pocket Underground and The Do LaB come together again for some frolics and hi-jinks at the Works. Saturday, June 30th is the day and date and the line up is kinda special IMSNRHO (that’s “In my sorta not really humble opinion” btw). The Do LaB and Pocket Underground always do it up good and we’re always stoked to have them on board, simply ‘cos they know how to throw a damned good partay. Oh yes they do!! If you’ve been to the Do LaB’s green festival, Lightning In A Bottle then you know what they can do.

This time around they’ve outdone themselves with the bill. At this point in the blog post I would ask you kindly and politely to sit down, and only after you have removed any pointy objects (yes, that nice crystal you found on that beach in Bali too) from your vicinity … Read more ›

Yessir, you read that headline right, Daze, as in Danny, and Curtiss, as in Lee, are coming to vibrate the walls and floors of the Works on Friday, July 6, 2012. We can’t wait and I imagine you can’t either. Danny and Lee are part of the new wave of house producers who have been defining what rules the world’s dance floors in the here and now. Daze (real name Daniel Gomez) is from Miami, but, strangely, doesn’t have a tan as he spends all his time in the studio crafting tracks for labels like Nervous, Plant Music and Hot Creations. Lee Curtiss is from the Motor City and has put out a significant body of wicked tunes on imprints such as, Spectral Sound, Get Physical Music and Wolf + Lamb Music.  On top of this he’s part of the VisionquestRead more ›

Icee Hot and Public Works got at it again on the last day of June, Saturday the 30th. This time the entities have teamed up to put Detroit minimal techno innovator Robert Hood on the bill. The action will all be happening in the Oddjob Loft; come early as it will pack out. You can grab tickets here so you don’t miss out.

Hood, like Jeff Mills and ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, is a founder member of Underground Resistance and, like his cohorts, was instrumental in bringing Detroit techno into new phases and realms. UR had vacillated between crushing rave anthems, aquatic techno and tech-inflected garage, but when Hood and Mills set out on their solo routes they followed the calling to pare techno down to a post-industrial minimalism. They both excelled in this task and both are worthy of accolades for setting up the almost-twenty year old template that … Read more ›

Aaron Paul’s Neon Vinyl shindig, which makes its Public Works debut in the Oddjob Loft on Saturday June 2nd, is awesome on a number of levels. Firstly, a total disregard for genres. As I like to say, if Ron Hardy, Larry Levan, Juan Atkins and Afrika Bambaataa had liked and djed one style of music house, techno and hip-hop wouldn’t exist. Fusion = progress. It ain’t complex. Secondly, the vibe and the patrons are fun and unpretentious. What more need one say about this? Nothing. Next. Thirdly, Aaron likes putting seasoned and younger djs together on the same bill. Whether you want grooving disco, uplifting house or banging electro Neon Vinyl’s got it all and then some.

This session’s deck technicians are as follows, opening the night is B Love; if you’ve lived in San Francisco for any amount of time and haven’t heard of this cat it might … Read more ›