News Month: September 2012

We’re pretty excited to see Religious Girls at Under the Central Freeway on Sunday, so we had a chat with them about the band,  their influences and December 21st, 2012.

Who inspires you, or what inspirations have you been drawing on lately?
Lately as a band we have been listening to a lot of early 2000’s…Trance; anything that makes us dance and black metal. But we all pull from our own inspirations.

If you had to be specific; what does Religious Girls sound like?
If I had to specific I would say we sound like a metal core teen web presence who listens to too much trance met a pop punk math rock drummer who likes a challenge and loves to dance, and a long hair drum and synth nerd with a heart of gold and all became friends :)

What’s the deal with December 21, 2012?

Will it affect your music careers?
Hopefully it will affect … Read more ›

The only thing better than seeing these great acts at Public Works–is when your name is on the list and you can bring a hot date with you. Check out the 3 ways to win tickets to the show on Oct. 14th and future shows on the Public Works event calendar.
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What is it about Detroit that turns out epic DJs like Carl Craig? Some would chalk it up to car assembly lines and MoTown Records, while others might lean towards an era of drafty elusive warehouse parties fueled by driving techno. The one thing that is for certain, is that Carl Craig has slammin’ it on the turntables and in the studio for over 20 years. He has always pushed the limits on dance music, absorbing elements of jazz and soul in his wake. He’s been called one of the godfathers of second wave Detroit Techno. From his first release in ’89 to producing a plethora of tracks on his own Planet E record label, he’s had his hands and ears very involved in the development of dance music and we’re stoked he’ll be playing for us at the Works this Saturday.

Get to know Carl Craig: Read more ›

Public Works believe in miracles and boy are we amped for the upcoming live set from Portland-based The Miracles Club this weekend. We had a chance to chat with Honey and Rafael to get a little inside scoop on what makes them so special; take a look…

Q: When did you all start working together?

Honey & I started working together in 2008. Ryan (our dancer) came on in 2009. Since then we have worked with a revolving cast of musicians and dancers. We have always wanted to have a family style band like The Grateful Dead or The Boredoms but House. Something more then like a “band” something that people can feel a part of.

Q: How did you come up with the name, the Miracles Club?

The Miracles Club is a recovery outreach center here in Portland, Oregon. I don’t use drugs or alcohol anymore and oddly for me dancing, … Read more ›

So…..everyone in our office is crushing on Tim Sweeney this week and some of us here at Public Works (no names mentioned) are even in a frenzy over the arrival of the man behind Beats In Space.  For nearly 13 years Tim Sweeney has been broadcasting extended mixes and intimate interviews with underground/undiscovered producers and globe-trekking DJs from his radio show, Beats In Space. Since he was 18, Sweeney has spent every Tuesday night from 10pm-1am in the depths of the NYU radio station DJing and transmitting rare grooves, new EPs and forward-thinking dance music to a cult following that stream his podcasts world-wide. His passion for DJing and record collecting propelled him to work with James Murphy during the early days of DFA Records, where Tim was playing out and about in Lower Manhattan. Now having played all over the world, Sweeney returns again to Public Works for another … Read more ›