News Month: January 2013

The art of subtlety is often overlooked in music production. So much music these days relies on a constant over-stimulation of your aural nerve centers. Particularly in EDM & Hip-Hop, it seems like the growing trend is, “as much stuff as possible….all the time.”  It’s not uncommon to hear 10 build-ups and breakdowns in a dance tune these days. Nor is it uncommon for that hip-hop song on the radio to be recorded 10 times louder than it really needs to be. All to grab your attention and keep you engaged. it would seem that the music industry’s target audience is hyperactive, almost-deaf teenagers with very short attention spans…….duh.
But, what about when those kids grow up a little bit and they realize that super, on-blast, laser neon, nonstop-nonstop gets tired real quick? Well, then they have legends like John Tejada to look to for guidance. Tejada is a master of … Read more ›

So, being the prolific purveyors of future trends and the patron of the arts that they are, Red Bull is once again doing some pretty cool shit while simultaneously blowing up and strengthening their brand. No other company has been as successful as Red Bull when it comes to aligning themselves with relevant art & music, and finding ways to contribute back to artists and musicians.  The Red Bull Music Academy is one of the most respected and sought after programs in the world, with its extensive lecture circuit and 2 month long intensive music course that crams a handful of the greatest upcoming  musical minds in a random city and let them have at it. And, not only do they care about music, but they care about your eyes too. Red Bull is curating an art show that celebrates San Francisco’s most innovative contemporary artists as they turn their … Read more ›

Great things come in threes. Peanut butter, jelly, and bread. Money, power, and fame. And, of course, Portland’s powerhouse of bass: Triage. Triage is the conjoined effort of Debt, Liar, and Seth Norman. When asked what Traige’s favorite breakfast food is, the group collectively stated that it was bacon, eggs, and toast. Their favorite classical literature: The Three Muskateers. Their favorite movie: The Three Amigos. Triage’s favorite hair product is Tres Flores, they are partial to taking three shots of Triple Sec and Tres Agaves, and at the end of a long night of partying you will find them three sheets to the wind. For stocking stuffers this Christmas, the trio gave each other the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and for dinner, when they are in town, they will be served tri-tip. We are hoping to have them back at least twice for a three-peat, and when they do … Read more ›

New Year’s Eve is a great reminder that most of the world is not as adept at attending late-night parties as one might think. In order to achieve the maximum rave potential of the night, a certain set of rules must be adhered to. Mind you, these rules are not in place to restrict you from doing things, but rather, to ensure that your raving ass does not ruin it for all of the other raving asses.

Our boys over at Icee Hot understand this all too well, and have come up with some guidelines for proper raving ::

1. NO PARTY PHOTOGRAPHERS (we don’t like pics of drunk people looking sexi)
2. NO GUESTLIST (we’ll make it cheap enough for everyone)
3. NO SET TIMES (just come and dance)
4. NO REQUESTS (ever, and we can’t be bought off anymore)
5. NO CRYING (just no crying at all)
6. NO HULA HOOPS (so dangerous!)
7. YES VIBES … Read more ›

The Bay Area has a special place in its heart for all things organic, from food, clothing and shampoo to bamboo bicycle racks and soulful house music. Especially when its handcrafted with a big ol’ dose of good vibes. We here on the Gold Coast also have a deep love for..well…love! Organic love…with soul….that’s what we like. And how lucky are we that there are cosmic adventurers like MARQUES WYATT traveling through space on a mission to spread this love and  to unify—whether souls, states or nations? Super lucky as a matter of fact.

For two decades, Marques has been leading the mission to bring musical unity, light and love to all souls in his pathway. His prowess as a talented DJ, promoter, and producer earned him recognition as one of the most sought-after artists in the genre, domestically and internationally. He introduced Jamiroquai to the US via his Acid Jazz … Read more ›

One of the greatest things about the music community in San Francisco, is its willingness to band together to help out its members. This last year saw more than its fair share of benefits for beleaguered San Franciscans. From house fires, to stolen equipment, to medical emergencies, the SF music community was plagued by acts of god, vandals, and medical bills. But, unfortunate circumstances can only last so long amidst a sea of supportive ravers and the philanthropic nature of some of San Francisco’s finest crews and performers. Speaking of some of San Francisco’s finest crews and performers, enter Michael harms….

For the past 10 years Michael Harms has given his heart and soul to music, through his label (Hot N Heavy Recordings), solo projects (Tone Chaser, Konnekt, Exotic Pet Dealers) and as the mixer and engineer for over 100 tracks for artists all over the world. His unique and magic … Read more ›