News Month: February 2013

The weirdest, most amazingest duo ever returns to SF to blow your minds. They’ve made music with everything from surgical equipment to amplified crayfish nerve tissue & the pages of bibles turning. Needless to say, this won’t be your typical night at the opera

Matmos – Very Large Green Triangles from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

They’ll be at Public Works on Sunday along with Horse Lords, Kit Clayton, & C.L.A.W.S.

Bring a change of socks


Occasionally seen in the yards of people with way too much time on their hands. The Garage Mahal is a large, ornate garage, probably used for storing expensive goods, such as Ferraris, French Bread, Platinum Chains, or Record Labels. So large, many a small child have never come out. OR, it’s a debauchery-fueled, open-air taxi that lurks through the streets of Black Rock City. Most likely though, it’s a strange combination of both. If you don’t know, come find out for yourself at Public Works this Saturday for their camp fundraiser along with a host of the Bay’s dustiest DJs from such raucous camps as Deep End, Pink Mammoth & Space Cowboys . If you do know, then you’ve probably already got your outfit planned, and we encourage you to gently harass newcomers.


Like most holidays, Valentine’s Day has a somewhat murky origin. While most count Saint Valentine as the originator, whether by martyrdom, or by popular appeal, many believe the holiday to have older, pagan roots. A pagan fertility festival called “Lupercalia” was popularly celebrated in Roman Times. Basically, men stripped naked, sacrificed a goat and a dog, dipped their stripped hides into blood, and went around spanking young women and crop fields. All in the hopes of a fertile year. How one spanks a crop field is beyond me, but the rest of this debacle kinda sounds like Folsom Street Fair….
While we are all for consensual acts of spanking with bloody animal hides, we’ve decided to put together our own Valentine’s day celebration, sans whips and Roman priests. And it’s gonna last ALL WEEKEND.

First up, we’ve got the return of Mr Lovesauce himself, PUMPKIN, on Valentine’s Day. With his loved-up … Read more ›

Natasha Kmeto just might be an angel. Sent from above to remind us that there is a very human heart beating at the center of all this technology we find ourselves enmeshed in. If one ever doubted the humanity inherent in digitally-created music, one need only listen to Kmeto’s work to know that the soul, above all else, abides. Armed with a richly gorgeous voice, and an experimental bent in her production, Kmeto’s music is the future of soul, existing at the intersection of Jazz, Future Bass, and R&B. Strange textures, and low-end ramblings abound, all held together by the sultry power of her voice.

Natasha Kmeto joins local beatsmith Insightful, Motormouth MC Joe Mousepad, and the vocal + dj combo of Manitous & Swoonz OF Slayers Club at Public Works for an early show on Sunday February 10 — only $5!