News Month: March 2013

Ableton is proud to be partnering with Public Works and for a rare combination of exclusive artist performances and presentations at Public Works, San Francisco on April 4, 2013. Come see and experience Live 9 and Push, Ableton’s new and unique hardware instrument, through a series of workshops by Ableton Certified Trainers and artists aimed at exploring new techniques for music making. Following the presentations, witness a range of forward thinking techniques for stage, through an inspiring line up of unique artist performances. Whether you are a seasoned musician, music lover, Ableton user or just discovering Live for the first time, expect this event to be an insightful and exciting experience for all attendees.

For those that are new, or perhaps just a little behind the times, one of our favorite producers, Nicolas Jaar, tells us why he uses Live

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Sometimes, you just sit back, watch and marvel at the wonder some people are able to bring to the world….

Aside from having one of the coolest websites ever and ridiculously successful globe-trotting party, Audiofly also run a label called Supernature…here’s what they have to say about themselves….
“Music is what feelings sound like.”Is it true that the truth is out there?We want to believe! (And to be quite honest, we find your lack of faith disturbing)Running, jumping, climbing trees, fighting kung-fu- in our minds… Lying around in the shade and swotting flies. All from the comfort of the studio chair.Full moon affected , perpendicular people, who will never lie down to EU law and give up a Siesta or 3. Flying the flag for a more caribean way of life in Europe.”
has there ever been a more perfect description of…..well…anything?!?!

Listen to this while you ponder :::

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The Bug, aka King Midas Sound aka Techno Animal/Ice/God (with Justin Broadrick of Godflesh/Jesu), aka Razor X Productions (with The Rootsman & various M.C’s), aka Pressure, aka Ladybug… starting to get the idea. The man know as Kevin Martin is a prolific man to say the least. All his projects draw heavily from Dub and Bass music cultures, especially “The Bug.” With a dystopian aesthetic and a penchant for deep, dark mind-states, The Bug provides the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic urban culture-clash. It’s fitting that The Bug returns to San Francisco for Future|Perfect, the Bay’s own dystopic, armageddon-ready club night at Public Works

The Bug plays at Public Works Thursday 3/21 for Future|Perfect

Remember when you were a kid and you had an intense fascination with strange creatures, mythological beasts, and supernatural phenomena? No, well…shit…I guess that means I’m more morbid than most. Anyways, during this period of fascination, I happened to watch a movie called, “The Beastmaster.” And boy, did my world get turned upside down. Here was a story about a dude that communicated telepathically with animals and avenges his father’s death at the hands of fanatic beast-like warriors. Dude had 2 ferrets that were his sidekicks and they did whatever he asked and they were amazing at stealing stuff……Anyways, the moral of the story is, I was so enthralled by The Beastmaster that I did a drawing of myself as the Beastmaster, loin-cloth, ferrets, and everything. What I wouldn’t give to see that picture now….

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March 14-16 Three Day Public Works Pass for $40:
Thursday Rebel Rave w/ Art Department (Kenny Glasgow) & Damian Lazarus
Friday Seth Troxler + Cosmic Kids
Saturday Guy Gerber + Cassian

Art Department (Kenny Glasgow)

Art Department is the brainchild of Canadian techno/house Legend Kenny Glasgow and Canada’s fastest rising star and No.19 label owner – Jonny White. As individuals both Kenny and Jonny have released countless critically acclaimed records and are regarded internationally as two of the most forward thinking, relevant underground producers out of North America. Kenny’s credentials date back to the late 80’s and include productions on Narcotic, Jinxx, his own Method 11/11 label and Turbo. Whilst White’s revered No.19 Music label along side a blindingly fast – growing discography have seen him rapidly rise to the forefront of the international scene.

The pair, despite being close friends and stalwarts in the Toronto electronic music scene for years, had not joined forces … Read more ›