News Month: April 2013

With his first major hit – cheeky house bit “The Craze” – Prosumer took the scene by storm. Boasting the lyrics, “Won’t you dance with me?” he grabbed the attention of dancefloors worldwide. Though most of us consider house music, no matter the sub-genre, to be all about dancing, working up a sweat, and catharsis – we often take the sounds involved in creating that space for granted. Lacing incredibly catchy beats, bass, and synths with a simple hook, Prosumer provides a platform upon which show-goers could fully let go of the mundane.

More than a decade after taking up residency in the scene mecca that is Berlin, he’s still at it – producing incredible four-on-the-floor music, touring the world, and inviting people to drop in, go insane, and dance. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Our feet are honored to receive his audio instructions as … Read more ›

At some point in your life, you may find yourself wandering through the desert, surrounded by dust and boobs, hankering for something to quench the unending thirst that is slowly enveloping your mind like the sun is enveloping your unprotected bits. And then, lo and behold, you get slapped in the ass by some dude in a thong and rabbit ears while his mute cohort sloppily shoves a shot glass ‘tween her ample bosoms and forces you to take a shot of boob-quila….Then you look around and realize you’re in the middle of a thousand freaks all wanting to slap your ass and force-feed you boob-quila while some international, superstar dj is wrecking, I mean, absolutely crushing the the sound system as you rehydrate yourself with boob-quila. That’s kinda what Distrikt is…kinda….find out for yourself this Saturday at Revel : 3-Ring Circus block Party….It’s BYOB…Bring Your Own Boobs
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If you can move, Orchard Lounge will back you up: from the dance floor to the couch.

OL is the DJ collective of Spencer Lokken, Bethany Briscoe Lokken, and Ben Silver. Since they met in Chicago in 2000, this versatile trio has enlightened dance floors from Mexico to Maine with their highly unpredictable and eclectic sets. From headnodic downtempo & boogie to ominous and ultramodern house & tech, theirs is a democratic mission: to expose as many people as possible to the artists whom they admire and respect, create unique dance floor memories, and to cross traditional boundaries of turntablism/improv/electronic fusion.

What sets Orchard Lounge apart from other selectors, however, is that you won’t always find them in the club. They’ve built a reputation over the last decade as a hard-touring festival act and set-break crowd favorite, frequently supporting live bands.  All three members have a deep-rooted passion for live music, which … Read more ›

Armed with a cadre of infectiously good times, the Afrolicious bunch are a jolly force to be reckoned with. The outfit is a multi-talented, party-starting machine with multiple permutations and a mission to make you sweat to funky, outernational rhythms. Could it be anything else? I mean, the masterminds behind the DJ Crew / Live Band / Club Night are named Pleasuremaker and Senor Oz. If those names don’t conjure up wildly magical nights filled with dancing, mystical beings and fantastic journeys to far-off places, then you probably need to read some books. Or at the very least, take a listen to what they do. Always a joyous occasion, always an adventure, always a hot, sweaty mess of a dance party, the Afrolicious gang never disappoints. So let the Pleasuremaker and Senor Oz take you by the hand as you skip merrily down the Yellow Brick Road to Femi Kuti’s … Read more ›

At some point in the early nineties, I smoked a bunch of pot and listened to Drum & Bass for the first time


It made perfect sense

Check out D&B Legend Aphrodite at Public Works this Friday along with local heroes Bachelors of Science