News Month: May 2013

You know the Flaming Lotus Girls…..they play with fire and make things come to life

They’ve got a new project called XYLOPHAGE

Xylophage will be a monumental environment, constructed of metal, wood, fire, light and sound. The sculpture revels in the beauty of fungi and the critical role they play on this planet by capturing the eternal cycle of decomposition, renewal and rebirth.

Fire and bright lights beckon from afar to the remains of a charred colossal tree destroyed by a forest fire. Surrounding the enormous stump, various larger-than-life fungi sprout from the remains to reclaim this fallen giant. The great, unending circle continues: life ends in destruction; destruction brings new life to spring forth yet again.

Groups of mushrooms invite audience interactivity with the elements of fire, sound and light. An ethereal “fire-fall” trickles down shelf fungus growing on the outside of the tree, gathering in a basin within the roots. Pulsing fire … Read more ›

It’s warmer. It’s funner. It’s got a giant porn palace. It’s the Mission. And we love the Mission and all of its denizens. So we want to celebrate our favorite San Francisco neighborhood in proper fashion. So we’ve invited some of our favorite Mission-based crews to come and play music. We’ve partnered up with some amazing local nonprofits, including SF Goodwill to activate the community, and there’s gonna be magicians and bubbles…need we say more?!? Well, it’s free before 930 and $5 all night if you bring a clothing donation!!!!
So come and shake your hips to the scratchy 45′s of HARD FRENCH. Move your feet to the funky soul from the MOTOWN ON MONDAYS gang. Nod your head to the eclectic hip hop vibes of GROWN KIDS RADIO and let your freak flag fly with the ladies from STAY GOLD, MANCUB and KAP’N’KIRK from the SPACE COWBOYS, MELYSS of OPEL … Read more ›

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a growing interest in the occult and ancient spiritual traditions in popular  culture. I mean, there are triangles EVERYWHERE, and we listen to Witch-House, and Trap has taken over the Illuminati….and butts. We must be careful not to lose our way amongst the charlatans and proselytizers. Luckily there are beings out there like Metal Mother who remind us that these stirrings in culture at large are the stirrings of our past, of our roots. We relate to the symbology and the imagery because they are ancient, elemental, pan-cultural. We live in modern times, with modern problems, and it could stand to reason that we just might benefit from exploring ideas and thought traditions long out of the zeitgeist. “Ionika,” the sophomore release and first full album from musician Taara Tati aka Metal Mother explores these themes…

“Produced in a studio overlooking … Read more ›