News Month: October 2014

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Seriously, where did they find these?

Click HERE to see all the photos on Buzzfeed, and come celebrate Halloween here at Public Works with The Martinez Brothers, DJ Sneak an NU this Friday! Click HERE for tickets!

There was a time when we all thought Virtual Reality games were gonna be the next big thing, with scores of gamers donning oversized helmets that inmmersed you into a digitial landscape, rife with gun-toting aliens and strange, f***ed up angles. Luckily for us though, the VR wave subsided a bit, after throngs of VR users were hospitalized for concussions caused by repeatedly bumping into walls. Now, the virtual reality worlds of the past are the backdrops to the music videos of the future. WEDIDIT Collective’s Groundislava, a California based electronic music producer exploits the aesthetic to astounding effect for his new video for the “Girl Behind the Glass” track off his newest release “Frozen Throne.” Directed by The Great Nordic Sword Fights, the warbling animated treatment was apparently “inspired by the cyberpunk world of neuromancer, [and] puts you first seat in the virtual reality eyes … Read more ›

“Born to be queen”, according to Vice’s THUMP, Cakes Da Killa has seen a steep rise within the last two years, already with two highly regarded albums under his belt.

In collaboration with 120 Minutes and Swagger Like Us, we bring you a lineup this Friday night stacked with fierce personalities. From Cakes Da Killa’s ferocious lyricism to MikeQ’s Vogue-house, and Rye Rye’s fresh sound, dancing shoes are a must Oct. 17 as we bring together these three bold characters.

Cakes and MikeQ are on their ‘2Cunts 1Whip’ tour together this month, both dishing out quite the performances with a roaring stage presence. Catch them tomorrow — and if you haven’t bought tickets yet, NOW is your chance. Grab them HERE!

THUMP got a chance to hang with Cakes for a day. Read the whole feature HERE!

Do you (and by you, I mean those who are fmiliar with that little old gathering out in the desert) …Do you ever wonder who the crazy motherf&*$@rs are that build and manage some of those giant camps? Well, one of those big ol’ camps is coming to Public Works this weekend, and we thought it’d be nice to introduce you to some of the folks who make DISTRIKT happen. You know DISTRIKT, famous for their ginomrmous sound camp that throws rad day parties with super amazing djs…

Here’s the team…They call themselves Govs. Don’t miss them causing a ruckus at Public Works this Saturday at DISTRIKT RETROSPEKT in preparation for Decompression on Sunday!

[caption id="attachment_11499" align="alignnone" width="300"] Ben SeagrenBen is at the forefront of the San Francisco Electronic Dance Music scene showcasing a diverse unique sound ranging from large rooms to dark and dirty afterhours to burning … Read more ›

Snoop Dogg is more than a legend — he’s debatably a ‘god’ of hip-hop. We’re honored to have him DJ here at Public Works tonight. This is a mix that has had our office buzzing, so we thought we would share. No, it’s not really techno, but great nonetheless.

It is your LAST chance to buy tickets for tonight’s show, so get your presales HERE!

Ahead of this Saturday’s Icee Hot event with D’Marc Cantu, New York duo Slow To Speak name his new release on Sequencias as one of the best 12″s this month. Hear what they had to say below, and check D’Marc Cantu out this Saturday right here at Public Works. Click HERE for more information on the event!

“This is the latest release on the Sequencias label out of NYC. D’Marc Cantu has dropped a couple other 12″s on here, but this is by far his and the label’s finest release yet. It sounds completely contemporary, the kind of shit that should be getting made with electronic music NOW. Yeah, he can make some dope jak tracks, but with songs like this he shows his complete grasp of relevant sounds and structure. This is exactly what you imagine should be all over store shelves with the amount of equipment … Read more ›