News Month: November 2014

via Crack Magazine

‘A documentary has appeared online about Tonka Soundsystem; the party that gave birth to the careers of DJ Harvey and Felix Dickinson. The film tracks the history of the crew and follows a selection of DJs and Tonka associates as they prepare for a night at Brighton’s infamous acid house haven, The Zap Club, in 1990.

Check out the 20 minute documentary for yourself below.’

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Also, make sure to catch DJ Harvey tomorrow night right here at Public Works!

To some of you, he’s simply a name mentioned in an old Snoop Dogg song. To the rest of us, his is the original “Lodi Dodi” a tale of urban romance and betrayel, rife with characters and environments that spoke of the life of the streets. It’s Slick Rick’s penchant for vivid narratives that set him apart in his early career. With lush, evocative lyrics, Rick painted a timely portrait of New York’s gritty undergound, all to rhythm of a burgeoning Hip-Hop culture. Fast-forward to 2014 and Rick’s legacy is alive and well, his most famous works still garnering regular airplay across the globe. While we may be familiar with his music, we are most undoubtedly less familiar with the man. We’ve compiled a few tidbits for you to get to know Rick a little better before his show at Public Works tonight.

Here’s 10 things you should know about Slick Rick … Read more ›

Ahead of a graciously intimate evening with the Wolf & Lamb family founding fathers, producers Zev Le Wolfe and Gadi Mizrahi, delve into an assortment of tracks they laid out for a recent Beatport chart. Plus, take a stab at an awesome mix they put out for Clash Magazine.

“For their exclusive Clash mix, the duo have opted for a set of slow-burning, disco and soul-infused house that isn’t afraid to go oh-so deep. There are also plenty of funkier textures in there as well, including some deliriously jazzy moments that skirt mischievously around the boundaries of fusion, before winding things back firmly into blissed-out club cut territory,” as written on ClashMagazine.