News Month: March 2014

WanderArt, a new app that allows you to share street art, has taken on an admirable initiative. They’re hoping to fill all six ad spaced on the BART with different artworks by local San Francisco and Bay Area artists, creating mini-moving galleries on the rails.

In celebration of its launch, six pieces of work will be displayed at our Roll Up Gallery this Friday at 6pm — each work chosen around the word ‘escape’. Here we give you some info on a few of the artists who will be featured this weekend.

Radio Free Clear Light
Radio Free Clear Light is a living radio built of human components. Whether through music, poetry, graphic art, video editing or combinations of the above, RFCL seeks to integrate the audience, space and greater world as an extension of self; to include them as another active element within the radio.

The creative work of RFCL is process … Read more ›

Some people just don’t know….so…..Tell em Mister Saturday Night


( These rules also apply for the MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT / DANCE MANIA PARTY at Public Works)


1. First and foremost, enjoy yourself.
2. At the door, keep in mind that the cover is really the cover. Everyone likes a deal, but throwing parties has its costs, and we need your help to make it happen. If you’re supposed to be on the guest list but you’re not, don’t give the doorman a hard time. He’s heard a lot of stories, and though yours might be true, the only thing he has to go on is what’s in front of him. (Truth be told, we don’t often have a guest list anyhow.)
3. Please don’t bring your own drinks into the party. Drinks at the bar are cheap anyway.
4. Be nice to everyone. Obviously. Tip well. Say excuse me if you bump into … Read more ›

As nerdy as this town as, it’s about to get a whole lot nerdier next week when the Game Developer’s Conference hits San Francisco. Over 23,000 programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games will gather in our fair city to exchange ideas and shape the future of the gaming industry. And, as with any conference wrath its salt, there are a bevy of meet-ups, events, and gatherings happening throughout the city in addition to the conference itself. Public Works is proud to play host to A Current Circus :

** Limited tickets, open bar 8-10pm for GDC attendees, book now / details HERE

Current Circus invites you to an interactive party – come play, dance or mingle and enter a new world where the music is transformed by the audience and our international musicians and DJ lineup.
The event brings together … Read more ›

On the heels of his third album, The Light Fantastic, Dutch house producer and DJ Tom Trago is in the midst of a North American tour that drops into Public Works’ and We Are Isis’ Saturday shindig. Released last fall, The Lights Fantastic was a return to Trago’s roots on the dancefloor.

“I tried to return to the style I was doing on Voyage Direct, so dancefloor beats with deeper impact,” Trago explains.. “I was trying to make tracks that work on the dancefloor, but also move your heart.”

With the album’s success, we welcome Trago back into our homey loft – always leaving room for his awesome hats. Check out a preview of the album below, and click HERE to buy tickets for Saturday.

There was a time when art was solely the luxury of the wealthy. It’s really only been in the last 50 years that art has become a ubiquitous pursuit available to the every(wo)man. Where commissioned paintings were once the purview of lavish parlorS or well-maintained museums, the access to materials and resources have basically made the whole world a giant canvas. From crochet-bombing bike racks to community-center murals, art has confidently taken its place among the awnings and sidewalks of the worlds, becoming part and parcel of its environment. And while perusing back alleys and forgotten subway tunnels for graffiti is fun and exciting, it just doesn’t really work, having to muster up those latent ninja skills and spelunking fantasies to go see some art. Enter WANDERART, a startup dedicated to “…building a database of art in the public space and helping people find all the amazing art that’s … Read more ›

Richie Hawtin’s Minus (M-nus) Records has forged the way for a number of artists, shedding some light on talented techno producers globally. Among them, Argentine Barem and U.S.’s own Troy Pierce. Since Pierce has also built up his own Items & Things imprint alongside Magda and Marc Houle, inevitably a techno powerhouse. Coming together for a night of what promises to encompass strikingly minimal yet driving tunes, Public Works bring you both M-nus stars. Here we give you a little info on each:

Hometown: Buenos Aires
Years Producing: 10
Labels: Minus, Foundsound Records
Upcoming gigs:Public Works, BLKMARKET NYC, NOrad in Denver and Treehouse Miami
Recent set:

Troy Pierce
Hometown: Muncie, Indiana
Labels: Minus, Items & Things
Upcoming gigs: Public Works, Treehouse in Miami, Robert Johnson in Frankfurt
Recent set: