News Month: July 2014

Yeah, it’s a given. Mark Farina and the rest of the performers we have lined up for Made in SF — Pleasuremaker & Senor Oz (Afrolicious), Deejay Theory (Tormenta Tropical / Faction Sound), the 29th Street Swingtet, Uni and her Ukulele – might be the main attractions, but there’s a whole other world we’re bringing in that makes this Saturday even more enticing. FOOD, and a lot of it. Delicious delicious eats provided by ZeroCater. To get you salivating for Saturday, we put together this gallery of a few of the menu items you’ll see.

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We know it’s still about a week away, but we’re getting restless: Magda hits the stage here at Public Works Aug. 1, alongside Listed’s Mark Slee, Mossmoss and Vincenzo. Ahead of the night, we bring you a semi-recent set by Slee back when he opened for Lee Burridge here last year!

Read the full interview with him on mybeatFix and listen to the podcast below!

This Sunday sees the return of SUNIGHT, a gathering dedicated to exploring ambient, abstract and downtempo music in 8 CHANNEL SURROUND SOUND … Yep, you read right…utilizing an 8-channel Ambisonic Sound System. An intimate event, Sunight aims to rejuvenate you and immerse you in familial good vibes. And, as we all know deep down, ambient music is actually good for you …Our friends at Synthtopia break it down ..

From Synthopia …
“According to research presented at the American Society of Hypertension’s Twenty Third Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition (ASH 2008), listening to just 30 minutes of rhythmically homogeneous music every day can significantly reduce high blood pressure.
By rhythmically homogeneous, they mean music with little or no variation in rhythm; they tested with classical music and Indian raga music, but the research offers some medical validation to Stephen Halpern‘s pioneering new age music, Brian Eno’s ambient music (which … Read more ›

So we were pretty stoked to hear that Josh Wink is recording his set tonight for Sirius XM Radio’s Profound Sounds on Channel 52! No, we’re not totally sure when it’ll be available, but one thing we do know: it means he’s bringing out his best tunes. He’s not just preparing for us, but for the thousands that’ll tune in on his radio show.

From underground acts to chart toppers, British dance duo Basement Jaxx have basically made an impression on everyone at one time or another throughout their 20-year career. I mean, they gave us the 2001 classic “Where’s Your Head At”! Already with seven well-received studio albums in the archives, the guys have yet another one to be released this summer: Junto.

Here at Public Works, we’re proud to bring the legendary award-winning duo Basement Jaxx for a DJ set alongside Wicked’s Jeno on Saturday.

1994: The guys start a regular club night called Basement Jaxx in Brixton

1999: Basement Jaxx release their first full-length album, Remedy, including the single “Red Alert” which was featured in the film Bend It Like Beckham and in Nickelodeon and Coca Cola commercials.

2002: Their second album Rooty features “Where’s Your Head At?”, which became an international hit and was included in the Lara Croft, Tomb Raider soundtrack!

2002: … Read more ›

Opulent Temple, the longest running large scale sound and art camp at Burning Man, is unveiling a new DJ booth at Burning Man this year! . The new booth will be called ‘Armagan’, which means ‘the gift’ in Turkish. The concept fits in nicely with this year’s theme: a reference to the caravansaries along the Silk Road which ran through Turkey, allowing the exchange of treasures among different cultures. Since 2003, Opulent Temple has given the Burning Man community the gift of a “space for sacred dance to world-class music”. 

ARMAGAN, The Gift, O-Pod 3.0
For this project, OT’s artists and fabricators are partnering with Sean Orlando of the Five Ton Crane art collective who built the Gothic Raygun Rocketship, and Orion Fredericks of Fata Morgana fame. It will be a 3.0 version of the iconic O-Pod that will take our familiar aesthetic but add different design elements, Steampunk nuances, enhanced … Read more ›

L.A. duo Cosmic Kids bring in a West Coast twist to their own brand of 80s boogie and 90s house. Long time friends Ron Poznansky and Daniel Terndrup have an inevitable chemistry on the dancefloor – but it’s their productions that have a buzz surrounding them. Here we’ve put together a list of some of their best tunes – originals and remixes – to give you a taste of what to expect Saturday.

The event is free with RSVP, so make sure to get your name on that guest list! Click HERE to RSVP.