News Month: August 2014

It’s a beautiful day, San Francisco, but not as beautiful as this weekend will be. And the SF Weekly knows the deal. Yep, they gave us TWO shoutouts this week, throwing in Radio Slave and Maayan Nidam this Friday as well as Mr. Scruff Saturday on their list of top parties for the weekend. What’s more, they got a chance to chat with Radio Slave, real name Matthew Edwards ahead of the show. Read what writer Chris Zaldua had to say about both shows, and of course what Matthew Edwards spoke about.

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Few producers and djs have what it takes to go the long haul. Still fewer are able to don new monikers and remain successful. Still even fewer are able to fully embody multiple musical personas and not water themselves down. Case in point….Green Velvet, or Cajmere, aka Curtis A Jone, head of the seminal house & techno imprints, Cajual and Relief. Starting his career off in the early nineties as Cajmere, Jones realized early on that he wanted to explore different sounds and needed a new way to bring it to his audience. And thus was born Green Velvet. When asked what the difference between Cajmere & Green Velvet, Jones answers, “Cajmere is more house-y, Green Velvet has more energy and techno. Three words for Cajmere: funky Chicago house. Three words for Green Velvet: what in the world?” 

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Cajmere – It’s time for the Percolator

Green Velvet – Shake and Pop

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