News Month: February 2015

Nine years of serious dancefloor action, nine years of off-the-charts talent and nine years of hazy memories. Celebrating nine long years, San Francisco and LA event producers Lights Down Low have a long list of things to be proud of.

And we’re in for yet another quality lineup — one more massive than the rest. On February 27, Lights Down Low bring Swiss premier producer Cyril Hahn, Detroit’s finest Kevin Saunderson, Grammy-winner Todd Edwards, English Garage head MJ Cole, Swedish rising talent Jonas Rathsman, and of course LDL’s usual suspects Corey Sizemore, Richie Panic alongside DJ Dials.

The SF Weekly seems to agree that this is up there on the list for best parties this weekend (along with our Saturday shindig with the one-and-only Sasha). Click HERE to check out writer Chris Zaldua’s top picks for parties in San Francisco this weekend.

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We feel your pain…those of you who didn’t get tickets to the Playa the other day. So, in case you don’t end up going, put on a dust mask, take off all your clothes put this video on repeat, shotgun 4 beers and do Yoga for 8 hours.

Garage Mahal Visuals 2010 from Phil Spitler on Vimeo.

If that’s a little much for you, just come by Public Works tonight to dance with all the other dusties at


A dear friend of the Bass Tribe San Francisco crew, Paula, has been diagnosed with cancer. In response to the terrible news, they’ve taken action and are holding an event tonight featuring DJ Huglife, Tsuruda, Tiger Fresh and ET-Y and Spekt1 in an effort to raise some funds for the cause. Swing by tonight between 10pm and 2:30 am to support! Click HERE for
information on the event.

Basement Jaxx have a track called ‘Power to the People’ a Universal positive and empowering song about our interconnectedness. The lyrics express how when people come together, amazing things can happen. We are looking for people around the world to create versions of the song, in every language, in every musical style, celebrating the richness and diversity of humanity. All the versions will be able to be heard/watched/mixed together online on the Power to the People fm player.
It’s a non profit celebration of music and creativity. We want musicians, singers, dancers, filmmakers, and artists from all over the world to come together and create. We want to share your stories, encourage collaboration, inspire and have fun.
Our goal is to create and release a version of ‘Power to the People’ with the people of the world, on World Peace Day on 21st September 2014, all proceeds of which will … Read more ›

Berlin: a city with so much influence in the electronic music domain of today. In this hub of art and music is Acid Pauli, a DJ and producer hailed globally for his out-of-the-box sets and productions. His sound is boundless and timeless, as he often treks down the road less traveled of experimental electronica. With ties to Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset and the famed Crosstown Rebels, Acid Pauli has continually impressed us here at Public Works.

We’re happy to invite him back this Friday, February 13. Click HERE for tickets!

Here we share an incredible ambient mix by Acid Pauli himself, ‘Layers’.

Layers by Acid Pauli on Mixcloud

Ahead of this Saturday’s shindig — As You Like It featuring Robag Wruhme, Daniel Bell, The Black Madonna and more — 48 Hills, a local blog, gives us a full profile and interview of the Chicago DJ/producer The Black Madonna.

“Marea Stamper was born in Appalachian Kentucky, raised on rave (her first was at age 14), and all-in for dance music from the very beginning. In the past decade, she’s made her home in Chicago and become a supernova on the dance scene — rising to become the talent buyer at Smart Bar, the legendary 30+-year-old club, putting out a string of acclaimed records, and traveling the world with her unique blend of curveball beats. She’s always down to drop slow funk, leftfield electro, jazzy rants, lost disco, hypnotic Afrobeat, or even cutting edge techno bangers into her sets, her impeccable ear guiding everyone to a higher state.”

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