News Month: October 2017

It’s Science Week at Public Works! We’ve got two fun & fantastic events this week that will have you meeting new folks, enjoying a tasty cocktail (or two), and tickling your brain — and learning a thing or two in the process.
First, start your week in reverse Monday evening (Oct. 30) as Science Friday partners with the Bay Area Science Festival to host Science Friday Trivia at Public Works. Radio host Ira Flatow will be dishing up team trivia (singles welcome: you’ll be paired into teams with like-minded folks) that delves deep into all things science… for instance:
Q: Are the creatures we call daddy-long-legs or harvestmen actually spiders?

Q: Why are the blue-footed booby’s feet … well, blue?

Q: The Kelvin scale measures what exactly?

OK, these aren’t actual SciFri (see what we did there?) trivia questions … but they could be. If you know the answers … Read more ›