News Month: June 2017

Two years ago, a group of friends came together, united by a shared love of music of all kinds. After years of throwing house parties and rallying for shows, they decided to take the next step — and so GrooveWell was born.

For two years running, GrooveWell has thrown a weekly party at Milk Bar on Haight St., bringing funk, soul, boogie, disco and house to a welcoming, diverse dancefloor. Alongside their own residents (Ledet, J Key, and SoulFunky) they’ve featured numerous talented local DJs, like Zebuel, Little John, DJ Fox, Numerous, and many more.  For their two-year anniversary, they’re going bigger, launching a new endeavor called Elevated Rhythms, bringing GrooveWell to the Public Works Loft, hosting local legend David Harness on our heavyweight Funktion-One soundsystem.

We caught up with Harness to ask him a couple questions and learn more about the music he’s dedicated his life to. Read on… and join Harness and the GrooveWell crew for Elevated Rhythms … Read more ›

Shark Week: well-known, beloved, cherished, the occasion for many celebrations and gatherings.

Squid Week: doesn’t exist. WHAT!? WHY NOT?!

Well, OK, “Squid Week” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. But they deserve it. Cephalopods — that is, “any member of the molluscan class Cephalopoda such as a squid, octopus, or nautilus,” according to Wikipedia — are some of the most amazing creatures on Earth. They’re completely bizarre — squids lack skeletons or bones of any kind, but possess beaks, like a parrot’s, made entirely of organic chemicals (no minerals, no metals) that somehow manage to be twice as hard and stiff as the most comparable manmade equivalents.

[caption id="attachment_15908" align="alignleft" width="349"] Yes, that’s a squid’s beak, and yes it’s badass.[/caption]

Meanwhile, octopi — who, again, lack bone structure of any kind — are able to squeeze themselves through a hole the size of a quarter, as this National Geographic … Read more ›

Daytime disco heroes Poolside have deep San Francisco roots: one half of the duo, Jeffrey Paradise, spent many years living in our beautiful city — and throwing some insane, wild parties, like Blow Up and Frisco Disco. We caught up with Paradise ahead of their gig at Public Works tonight (Saturday June 10) to find out a little bit about what he misses about San Francisco. Read on:

Having lived down in Los Angeles for some time now, is there anything in particular you find yourself missing about San Francisco life?

Many things! So much so that I spend a lot of my time between San Francisco and LA these days. One of my things I miss is the ability to ride my bike almost anywhere in San Francisco. It really improves my quality of life dramatically! Also the beautiful views and green space in San Francisco are really spectacular and not … Read more ›