Dazed, Curtissed & Korached @ The Works

Yessir, you read that headline right, Daze, as in Danny, and Curtiss, as in Lee, are coming to vibrate the walls and floors of the Works on Friday, July 6, 2012. We can’t wait and I imagine you can’t either. Danny and Lee are part of the new wave of house producers who have been defining what rules the world’s dance floors in the here and now. Daze (real name Daniel Gomez) is from Miami, but, strangely, doesn’t have a tan as he spends all his time in the studio crafting tracks for labels like Nervous, Plant Music and Hot Creations. Lee Curtiss is from the Motor City and has put out a significant body of wicked tunes on imprints such as, Spectral Sound, Get Physical Music and Wolf + Lamb Music.  On top of this he’s part of the Visionquest brigade alongside Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson. There’s no half-steppin’ with either Daze or Curtiss, and the Visionquest crew always bring it.

It’s one thing to put a bunch of music out, but another to have some of it blow up in the clubs, on other djs’ charts and for that music to garner you gigs all over the globe. Both Daze and Curtiss have achieved this and then some. Danny’s “Your Everything”, which came out on Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Creations label, blew up right away and was hammered to death by his contemporaries on every continent (yes, even Antartica) while Curtiss has a grip (or is it a gang?) of material that has been play-listed, charted, sought after, lusted for, desired and then completely and utterly hammered to death the length and breadth of this bootiful planet of ours. His remix powers have also touched prolific artists like James Teej, Gadi Mizrahi, Alland Byallo and Matt Tolfrey.

Joining this awesome twosome for the night is local dj-to-be-reckoned-with Rich Korach, whose sets at As You Like It usually garner responses like, “Rich, why do you sound better than the guests?” Like Curtiss, Rich hails from the 313 area and that Detroit influence is easily heard in his flowing and powerful sets. You dare not miss this party, in fact we double dare you not to. So prepare to be Dazed, Curtissed and Korached on July 6th.

Chris Orr