DEEP THOUGHTS ON ISIS …. from our friends at EARMILK

I am more than a woman, I am a goddess. I am your mother, your lover, your champion. Saint or sinner, monarch or minion, I am your most fervent friend and your closest confidant. Protector of the polysexual, bastion of black sheep, defender of the downtrodden, I am yours. Follow my guiding light to the house that house music built. You will find that I am the bass throbbing between your legs on the dancefloor, the nipple hardening melody of your favorite disco song. Take a peek through my all seeing eye and see yourself whole. You will find that you begin where the dancefloor never ends. Open your mind to the enlightenment afforded by a clusterfuck of inclusivity. You will find the comfort of my ample bosom in the hearts of your brothers’ and sisters’ writhing souls. Share with each other the magic of music and drink together from my bottomless cup of mystery. I will dwell in the droplets of sweat that fly off of your pulsating bodies. I will live in the power of your collective touch and luxuriate in your most primal urges. Gather at my throne and then tear it down to build a discotheque in my likeness. I am Isis. You are Isis. We are Isis.