Did We Mention That M.K. Is Playing At Our Club? Did We?

Due to the excitement that comes with knowing that one of our heroes from ‘back in the ’90s’ (a key phrase if you frequent Hooker’s Sweet Treats on Hyde and O’Farrell, and you should, believe me) is coming to play at our club we may have forgotten to mention it…enough. So before I get to mentioning it more, let me just say this, “Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”

Yes, Marc (M.K.) Kinchen is djing at Public Works for Icee Hot and if that wasn’t enough for yuz all, he will be accompanied by his brother Scott Kinchen (aka Scottie Deep) and Todd Edwards, the man who moved the New Jersey/New York garage tradition from its roots to being a huge influence on UK garage. The kids at Icee Hot have been representing the exceptionally upfront, such as Ben UFO, Scratcha and Deadboy,  but also have the cajones and brainones (pronounced brain noniez) to feature dance music veterans like the cats above and Anthony Shakir — who strolled in with his records on a wheely dj bag and with a walking stick, giving the impression he was there to tell the kids they couldn’t have their ball back, and then proceeded to rock the holy, living s@#t outta the joint.

Icee Hot is like that and we love ’em for it, eclectic and they span the ages. But let me talk more about M.K. After his Nightcrawlers remix he began to remix everything that wasn’t nailed down or stuck to the wall with two-sided scotch tape. Some of the notables are “Tumblin’ Down” by Hermann on Felix Ortiz’s holy grail NY label, E-Legal, “Happyhead” by Digital Love Thing (a Danny Krivit fave) and “Misled” by Celine Dion. Yes, that Celine Dion, and furthermore, djs like Derrick Carter ha…ha…ha…hammered the MK Dub of said tune. But this is just the tip of the iceberg with Kinchen’s work. There’s also his mixes of  Bizarre Inc.’s (now known as Chicken Lips) “Took My Love,” Chez Damier’s “Can You Feel It?” and Jodeci’s “Freek ‘n You.” But once again, this is just a little bit more of the tip of that iceberg, so do yourself a favor and come to Icee Hot on July 30th to hear some of the man’s genius work up close and personal. You know you deserve it.

Chris Orr