Eclectic, electric and the spice of life.

One of the aspects of modern dance music that leaves some people frustrated is how generic many dance music events are. At the Works we embrace the eclectic, whether it is in relation to music or the good folks that come through our door.

This month we have two amazing shows that highlight this passion for variety. On the 20th Public Works, in conjunction with As You Like It, brings us a stacked bill of extremely forward-looking electronic music in the shape of Berlin-based, British dubstep and techno producer and label owner, Scuba (he produces techno under the SCB monicker), and Dutch, Washington, DC-based dubstep producer, Martyn.  Both of these men have pushed their chosen genre, away from its cliched, wobble realm, in the direction of a sleeker, more techno-oriented sound that also nods to UK garage and deep house. Also on the bill is Turkish-born and NY based house/techno artist Deniz Kurtel, a woman whose releases on prolific labels like Wolf + Lamb and Crosstown Rebels have made her a go-to source of carefully crafted releases and skillful dj sets. She is also renowned as an accomplished visual artist whose installations have complimented many Wolf + Lamb parties.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for youz lot, on the 29th Icee Hot brings us another eclectic, electric, eccentric and wholly awesomecore line-up that will send flashes of serotonin racing through your brain like something very fast that’s racing something else that’s very fast (smooth metaphor is my specialty). UK garage (or UK Funky as some folks like to call it) beat maker and dj, Scratcha DVA is on a bill with Detroit veteran, Anthony “Shake” Shakir and New York based indie-electronic duo, Creep. It’s the Memorial Day weekend, it’s Sunday, you might have Monday off, it will be a barrel of giggles floating on a gently undulating sea of sporadic chuckling (i.e. a laugh) and you will like it.

As some of us dance music veterans believe, fusion always gives birth to new forms. There’s nothing wrong with excellence in a chosen style and there is ample proof of this in many music forms, but simply put, variety is the spice of life. I will be writing individual pieces on these artists in the coming week or so. Please check back for more.