Ghostly Gets As Spectral As You Like At The Works

On January 27th another As You Like It at Public Works will manifest before your very eyes. Hot on the heels of the Laurent Garnier show — which will be epic — Bispo & Co. roll out a night devoted to the pride of Ann Arbor and probably thee best indie/electronic labels in the land, which will feature a host of artists who ply their quality, artistic endeavors on the labels in question. And the question is, of course, to which labels are we referring? The answer is Ghostly International, and its prolific subsidiary (God, I love that word!) imprint, Spectral Sound.

At this point you are holding your head in both hands and loudly intoning, “No way, it cannot be, it can…not be.” But to interpolate — I love this word as well and I kinda know what it means too — some of the lofty dialog from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” “Yes way, it can be, will be, and you should be there.” Ghostly Meets Spectral is the theme and the line-up is quite stellar to say the least, with dj sets from Ryan Crosson, who reps both Spectral and VisionquestOsborne, who has put out material on Spectral, Ghostly and German imprintRunning Back; plus a live set from Solvent, an artist who has put out material on a host of labels but calls Ghostly home. All this will be happening on the main floor, with support from As You Like heavy-hitter MossMoss.

Mean the whiles (and back at the ranch) the Oddjob Loft will see dj action from NY re-edit don and house evangelist Jacques Renault of DFA and Let’s Play HouseRich Korachin a tag-team set with Eric Johnston of City Fox and Leftroom, Conor of No Way Backand Brian Bejarano (who has been allowed out of the house late once this year already, jeepers!). Well-meaning saltiness aside, this will be one banging-ass night and you will be rocked and grooved into a brighter tomorrow by all this music that A.Y.L.I. has lined up for you. And like the Mens’ Wearhouse says, I guarantee it. So see youz on the floors at the Works on the 27th for a Ghostly, but not spooky, good time.

Chris Orr