Hard Noise Freedia

I’m looking for an award for the most colorful (and least understandable, I hear a few readers opine) headline of the day. What does it all mean? — like the sample in the old De La Soul tune says. Well, what it means is this here, Hard French are opening for a Noise Pop show featuring Big Freedia on Saturday, Febroooarrry 25fif 2012 at Public Works. So what do youz think of that there then?

Well let me add this; back last year Freedia performed at the club for the first time and without employing any sales pitch it was a banging-a@# show. Yes, it was, it was banging and there was a significant amount of a@# in the house. At one point I was standing on the stairs, staring (well that’s what you do on stairs right?) at the lunacy that was transpiring on the packed stage as Freedia, her trusty dj Rusty Lazer and an ass…ortment of gals and guys threw p…ass…ion to the wind and rocked the place hard. It was a crazy night and Freedia fed into the nuttiness and amplified it.

This time around should also be a rocker. It’s a Noise Pop partay, the Hard French kids know how to kick out the jams and the crowd that are down for Freedia have a handle on moving it in and out and shaking it all about; kinda like the hokey cokey, or hokey pokey or whatever ya call it. So if you’re in need of sticking you a@# in the air like you just don’t care and up for a savage bit of partying please join us on the floor at the Works for what will be, without doubt, another night of rampant craziness. We guarantee it (yup, like the dude at Men’s Warehouse).

Chris Orr