Harvey comes to rock the Works.

DJ Harvey, a man who needs no introduction in San Francisco, after countless appearances at many rocking parties in the city, will be gracing the turntables at Public Works for the first time on April 9th, courtesy of the gentlemen of Face and the dudes at Jackhammer Disco. Harvey Basset has been a mainstay in dance music since the late ‘80s. Then he was a member of the Tonka Soundsystem, an English party crew and sound system (of course) that included Choci, and the core of what would become Wicked here in SF, Garth and Markie.

He then went on to become a resident dj at the newly opened Ministry of Sound in ’91, where he met iconic dj Larry Levan and had him play at his own Moist party. The legend runs that Harvey went out shopping with Larry on one of the days during his stay in London and Larry (god rest him) was all about acid-washed jeans. Sadly the great man passed away mere months after this in ’92, but thanks to djs like Harvey his legacy hasn’t been lost in time.

Harvey is king of the disco edit and in some ways a king of disco. He is known for his amazing record collection and his ability to throw down marathon sets of top-notch tunes from more genres than you can wave a stick at.  He is also a drummer, has produced his own project, Map Of Africa (with Thomas of Rub ‘n’ Tug and Wicked), and has a new album — from his current project, Locussolus — dropping imminently on the Uruguayan label, International Feel Recordings.

He will be dropping a four-hour set and it will be a lot of fun. Support djs for the night are Eug, of the Face, Anthony Mansfield, Kendig and Peeplay of Honey and one of SF’s finest, Jenö. Be there to wallow in the mix and undulate in the sound.