HOUSES is the product of a mid-life crisis gone right

One of the definitions for the word House is : a shelter or refuge of a wild animal.
How fitting that HOUSES create music that would make the most feral of animals feel like it’s been living in a cloud palace enveloped by every blissful feeling its ever had.

Legend has it that HOUSES is the product of a mid-life crisis gone extremely right. After being laid off, Chicago-based producer, Dexter Tortoriello grabbed his girlfriend, headed to a remote part of Hawaii and proceeded to bliss-the-fuck-out, crunchy organic style. They showered with rain water, gathered solar energy  and managed to record a sun-drenched, languid kiss of an album ” All Night.”  Equal parts fuzzy pop, ambient soaring, and dazed bedroom musings, All Night is an album for the ages. Equally appropriate for daydreaming at the beach and autumnal  nights by the fire, the album is mood music for the vagabond expat in all of us.

For those of us who rarely make it out of the 7×7 fantasyland called San Francisco, we can rest easy knowing that HOUSES will be soothing souls at Public Works on Thursday, November 29 along with LA-based D33J and Bay Area blisswave mavens Yalls + Elephant and Castle