How Thievery Corporation taught me how to spy

I used to be a hippie. I mean, much more of a hippie than I am now….at least outwardly. I lived in a house 3 blocks from the beach in Santa Cruz with a rotating cast of characters taking up residence for various amounts of time. We used to have potlucks and and parties, and stayed up late recording music in the garage. Copious amounts of tea was drank and even more copious amounts of weed was smoked. There were many Saturday afternoons where the house was full of people, all the windows open, quinoa cookin’ on the stove, and Thievery Corporation blasting out the speakers. There was something magical about that combination of sunny afternoons with friends and the outernational sounds of “the Mirror Conspiracy” album. It made us feel like we were on some sort of cosmic jungle yacht party with secret billionaire spies. The dense, heady dub vibes satiating our inner Rastas. The melange of international music and cultures along with a solid foundation of socio-political angst and unrest gave us a sense that we were on a mission to help the world. The slick, polished production brought it all together in a cool, jet-setter package. It was the perfect getaway for a bunch of college kids with no money and no direction.Fast forward 10 years later, and the Thievery Corporation sound has permeated every aspect of pop culture. They’ve become the soundtrack for every classy moment, and a whole generation’s first foray into electronic music.

As one half of Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza has been at the forefront of music and has traveled the globe performing, remixing, djing, recording and composing. Since Garza’s recent relocation to San Francisco, he has begun a re-exploration of his love for electronic music and beats focusing on Nu-Disco, Cosmic Boogie while keeping very groove oriented and outer-national based rhythms. Recently he has been djing and remixing, taking things to an even more spaced out and trippy level.