In San Francisco, The Kazbah Rocks YOU

Friday sees the emergence of the underground Kazbah crew into the public eye with their Fundraiser at Public Works. The Burning Man sound camp known for their 40 foot tall obelisk dj booth are bringing out Rob Garza of the legendary THIEVERY CORPORATION. With his recent forray into cosmic disco and spacey house music, Rob Garza will be spinning a set to help raise funds for the Kazbah’s 2014 trip to the Playa. Joining Garza will be James Teej, Toronto’s deep house master, who will be warming it up alongside a slew of local house heads. This fundraiser for the Kazbah camp looks to be a rocking glimpse into what the camp will be bringing to the Burn.

The Kazbah is a large-scale Sound Camp at Burning Man. The Kazbah will power up everyday during sunset and will be commanded by world class producers and DJ’s.

The centerpiece of our camp is the 32′ tall Kazbah Pyramid. 8×8′ at the base and built out of aluminum and monolithic polycarbonate sits atop a 5′ stage that will house over a dozen 18″ subs central to two 17′ speaker stacks on either side. This remarkable, monumental structure is a DJ booth. DJs will interact with the crowd through a 3×6′ Eye of Horus (or 3rd Eye). The Kazbah will throw a daily sunset party from Monday-Sunday starting in the early-midafternoon and ending in the evening. The Kazbah Pyramid is a collaborative effort.

We believe that this structure is a modern hybrid of a pyramid and an obelisk. This petrified ray of Sun Energy will tap into divine frequencies, harnessing power and radiating it to all those around with love, light, and sound, as well as an infinitely prismatic array of sublime frequencies that have yet to be named. The Kazbah is the “tower that protects the kingdom.”