Introducing… TechnoClam

This Saturday, July 15, we’re hosting a new party at the Public Works Loft: TechnoClam, a celebration of deep techno and house and the women devoted to them. We thought partygoers might want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, so we caught up with Alex McGeagh, one of the Clam’s co-founders. Read on — and snag cheap presale tickets for Saturday’s party. See you there!



Tell us about TechnoClam — what exactly is it? How did it begin? Are there some kind of seafloor dance parties that we don’t know about?

TechnoClam is a feminist website devoted to the women of house and techno. The idea hatched after reading lots of lists and articles annoyingly dominated by men in my favorite online music mags, and after an especially stoned and giggly BART ride with some good friends, the name was born. We share a weekly post of parties that we recommend, and usually try to give special attention to promoters and venues that support female, non-binary, and queer artists regularly (along with those that are safe(r) spaces for women). Beyond that, we try to not take life too seriously, and the “Clam” has taken on a life of her own — the possibilities for puns and wordplay is endless. (And the look on people’s faces when they put 2+2 together with regard to our name is priceless.)

The party was a natural extension of the brand, and began when Mo (aka DpeshMo, seen above) developed the idea. We have very similar tastes in music and what we demand out of a party but also have different strengths  — she’s a super talented DJ with a great network and knows all the technical aspects, and I do some of the more artistic parts, confirming artist bookings, while bringing in my network as well. As far as the seafloor dance parties, we’re definitely working on some aquatic decor to fit the theme…

What kind of vibe are you looking to build for Saturday’s party? What should partygoers expect?

We’re hoping to throw the type of party that would be worthy of recommendation on the TechnoClam blog, one that we’d be excited to attend: quality music all night long, featuring female selectors and visual artists, and a great crowd. The blog is about celebrating the women of house & techno, so throwing a party is a pretty natural extension of that idea, and we’re excited to build an “IRL” community.


Tell me about the artists on the lineup. How’d you select them?

Our first lineup is three Bay Area women, including newcomers and veterans. Lily Ackerman has been deep in the scene for a while — part of Diacritic and Celect SF — and we love seeing her throw down vinyl sets all over the city. She also recently released a remix on Mioli Music, so she’s a really strong musician all around, and we’re thrilled to work with her. Mo is helping produce the party as well as DJing it, and our tastes tend to align pretty closely. We thought Eugenia’s spacey melodic techno would be the perfect intro to the night – it’s important to us that there’s a cohesive musical story told over the course of the evening.

Why choose the Public Works Loft for the first TechnoClam party?

It’s one of our favorite spaces in the city and immediately came up as our first pick. We’ve spent countless hours there dancing, and Mo has thrown parties there in the past and loved working with the club — they’re top-notch in all the ways that count for both artists and clubgoers. The space itself is ideal for a first event: intimate and cozy, yet full-on as far as the soundsystem goes. (The Club Mate doesn’t hurt either!)

Lily Ackerman headlines this Saturday's TechnoClam party.

Lily Ackerman headlines this Saturday’s TechnoClam party.

Last but not least, describe your perfect Sunday in the Bay Area — think rest, relaxation, tasty food, and nothing else to do. How do you play it?

Resting hasn’t been in my vocabulary much lately, but the closest I’ve been getting is heading to the Permission to Land & As You Like It parties over at the Midway (hopefully after sleeping in until noon), which covers the food and relaxation part.