“Is this thing on…..?”

There’s a lot more happening at Public Works than just top-notch dance music. In fact, one of our favorite things is seeing our usual crowd — the dancers, the techno freaks, the house heads, you know who you are — coming into the space on a weekday afternoon and looking around in awe at how the usual sights, typically swathed in darkness and flashing lasers, are reconfigured for something completely different. To that end, we’d like to shine a spotlight on a couple awesome events happening each month at Public Works that you might not otherwise know about. We invite you to come check them out and see more of what we have to offer!

Speechless offers up a playful twist on Silicon Valley’s love affair with the PowerPoint presentation: Every event features a cast of characters from different corners of the tech industry — alongside some professional comedians — and puts them up on stage in front of a projector screen, with a PowerPoint deck on display. It’s pretty much business as usual.

Except the presenters don’t know what they’re presenting.

It’s kind of like that old dream we all had growing up: you know the one, where you find yourself about to take a test on a book that you just realize you’ve never even read. Yeah, it’s kind of like that, except it’s in real life, and instead of a test, they’re up on stage, and you get to watch what happens.


Speechless requires presenters to think on their feet, be creative, and hopefully have a knack for improvising. Or not — schadenfreude is half the fun, of course. If you think Silicon Valley doesn’t have a sense of humor, Speechless will change your mind. Learn more about Speechless HERE

Then there’s The Moth’s StorySlam. The Moth is a literary institution launched in New York in 1997 that is, at its core, about the art of storytelling: George Dawes Green, the poet and novelist who founded The Moth, sought to recreate the “feeling of sultry summer evenings in his native Georgia, where he and his friends would gather on his friend’s porch to share spellbinding tales.” Each Moth show starts with a theme, and each storyteller expands on it — often in unexpected ways.


StorySlam is a unique twist on The Moth’s original formula that takes place in cities all over the country — including once a month at Public Works here in San Francisco. StorySlam is essentially an open-mic storytelling competition, open to anyone with a five-minute take on the theme of the night. Upon arriving, hopeful attendees place their names in a “hat” (or something resembling one) to vie for their chance at telling their tale in front of a panel of judges, all of whom are picked from that night’s audience. Skillfull storytellers might make it to that evening’s final round of ten tales, and from that pool, one lucky winner gets the chance to go up against other wordsmiths in a GrandSLAM championship. Whether you’ve got something to say or you just love to listen, StorySlam will make you look at Tuesday evenings in a whole new way. Learn more about the Moth and all of their storytelling events HERE