ITAL isn’t just food for Rastas…

Nope, not anymore. It’s also the solo project of Mi Ami’s Daniel Martin-McCormick. Hot and sticky humid DC nights. San Fran brotherly love bangers. You-Can-Have-It-All loftings in Brooklyn. Ital bounces between these like a mechanized conga beat, offering up the kind of cuts that make you move like the smoother, sweeter version of yrself. This is the ultimate reversal of the day that disco died, the perfect envisioning of a dance culture that threw away the cheeky kitsch of hustle hangovers but held on to the je ne sais quoi of glitterfeti neon nightlife. In 2012 Martin-McCormick released his debut album Hive Mind on Planet Mu.


ITAL plays tonight in San Francisco at Public Works for FUTURE PERFECT alongside local favorites SOLAR / MARCO DE LA VEGA / LORIC / & HAWA