James Murphy and the future of coffee

Get me my coffee James f#$%in Murphy

It’s about 2 o’ clock in the afternoon, and I’m thinking¬† a cup of expertly made coffee is about to make the rest of the day go by so much smoother. So do I get a regular cup of coffee, or do I get a cappuccino? And do I get a maple-bacon donut or a gruyere and cinnamon goulash cookie with candied yam butter? Should I get that to go and waste a paper cup, or should I get it for here and waste time staring at shoes and ugly dogs? And do I put raw sugar or regular sugar in it. Milk or half & half? Or do I want foam? You know what, I really need a coffee consultant. Someone who really loves coffee, maybe even wants to develop their own blend. Ideally this person would also run their own record label and be the former front man for a now defunct electronic dance band that kind of revolutionized the game and influenced countless other musical trajectories. And maybe this person should come and play a DJ set at Public Works on Friday November 16. Just maybe

Catch James doing a DJ set all caffeinated this Friday at Public Works


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