Joey Negro Is Gonna Make A Move On The Works!

Joey Negro (or Dave Lee as he’s known to the lady at the dry cleaners around the corner) is coming to rock the living sh…shtuff out of Public Works on Friday, April 20th. Lee was a die-hard disco nut in his native Isle Of Wight in the early to mid-80s. In ’86 a move to London and a job at a record shop gave him the idea to fuse the feel of his beloved disco and boogie records with the modern sound of the hot house and garage tracks coming out of Chicago and New York at the time. By 1988 he had set up his own label, Republic Records, and was licensing tracks from cult stateside imprints like Abigail Adams’ Newark, New Jersey label Movin’  (genuflecting), Fourth Floor and Sleeping Bag.

In 1989 his rework of Exodus’ Paradise Garage classic “Together Forever,” which he renamed “Forever Together” under the name Raven Maize, was released on NY’s hotter than hot Quark label. In ’90 he unveiled the Joey Negro monicker with a release on the still revered Nu Groove imprint. Rumor has it that Lee put together a bio for Joey Negro whom he depicted as a Latino dude from NY who had just gotten out of jail and was turning his life around by making dance music. Supposedly Nu Groove bought the story and gladly released the single, “Do It, Believe It. “ It was only when American producer Lenny Dee was over in England six months later and was asked about Joey Negro —  because the record was blowing up in the UK — that the real story got out, Lenny had the inside scoop on Lee and told the press. Joey Negro and Dave Lee became overnight sensations.

The ’90s and 2000s were very busy for Dave Lee, he worked under a plethora of different pseudonyms, set up a new label, Z Records, put out a ton of records, and threw together some tasty compilations — check his Destination Boogie comp for a primer on that style of music. In fact, this work load has continued right up til today. We’re really proud to have him on board for another Jackhammer Disco session. He’s a legend in dance music and was one of the first Brits to embrace American house music and techno (he was a co-producer of the M-D-Emm record on Derrick May’s Transmat label in 1988). Also on the bill are SF legends Jeno and Conor, and some guy called Chris Orr (never heard of him). We know Joey Negro’s gonna rock the joint so please join us on the floor at the Works for what will be a memorable one.

The Works Clerks

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