John Tejada and the art of subtlety

The art of subtlety is often overlooked in music production. So much music these days relies on a constant over-stimulation of your aural nerve centers. Particularly in EDM & Hip-Hop, it seems like the growing trend is, “as much stuff as possible….all the time.”  It’s not uncommon to hear 10 build-ups and breakdowns in a dance tune these days. Nor is it uncommon for that hip-hop song on the radio to be recorded 10 times louder than it really needs to be. All to grab your attention and keep you engaged. it would seem that the music industry’s target audience is hyperactive, almost-deaf teenagers with very short attention spans…….duh.
But, what about when those kids grow up a little bit and they realize that super, on-blast, laser neon, nonstop-nonstop gets tired real quick? Well, then they have legends like John Tejada to look to for guidance. Tejada is a master of subtlety, crafting lush, dense soundscapes that are equally at home on large sound systems as they are on your headphones. His recorded output ranges across tempo and genre lines, from chilled out affairs with spacious arrangements to pulsating, densely layered, deeply energetic tracks. His newest release “The Predicting Machine” is classic Tejada…melodic tech-house with beautiful tendencies juxtaposed with beatless synth journeys and a touch of electro for all you ragers out there. Take heed, music fans. You may go 7 or 8 minutes without hearing a breakdown. There may be sounds that aren’t as loud as other sounds, and there may be silence at some point. Don’t be scared though, music is supposed to be like that.

Come check out John Tejada this weekend at Public Works with PEZZNER (Live) and local heroes Gavin & Robbie Hardkiss in the loft


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