Layo & Bushwacka Will Rock The Works!!!

And we can guarantee that. I thought I would put the guarantee part at the start of the post instead of the end, just to throw youz all off. It’s been a while since L & B played here last, and from what I can remember it might have been at the late ’90s/early noughties club that defined excellent house and techno in SF, Staple. I missed the party but I clearly remember people talking about Layo & Bushwacka’s set for a good month after the party. They may have played here since then but that gig really made an impression on the dance music community in SF. This time around we have them at Public Works on Friday, March 16th. Along with other UK ds like Terry Francis and Mr. C, Layo & Bushwacka defined the sound of tech-house in the mid to late ’90s. They were residents at Mr.C’s club The End and Layo’s father actually designed the joint.

But that’s not all folks. While Layo & Bushwacka and Rich Korach will be rocking the main floor, the Odd Job Loft, renamed the Voodoo Loft for the night, Ripperton will be on the wheels of steel and Eduardo Castillo of VOODOO in LA also on the wheels. So that’s about it. This night will be epic and a must-go-to for techy house heads the state over. And you can grab tickets here.

The Works Clerks