Levon Vincent Is Icee Hot In The Loft

Icee Hot, purveyors of all that is icey cool, hot, eclectic and, fun bring another banger to the Loft of the Works. This time around, on Saturday, May 5th, they come correct — but not any more correcter than they have been in past — with none other than Levon Vincent. If you even have had a brief, fleeting, bitter-sweet, yet wholly fulfilling tryst with house music then you will know who this young man is. He’s from NY, resides in Berlin and makes chunky house music that is very pleasurable to listen, and dance, to.

He also runs the Novel Sound label — and its sub-label, Deconstruct — with partner, Anthony Parasole, and has put out material on imprints such as, Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality, Berlin club Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label and Josh Wink’s Ovum. Most recently he’s had a mix released by those fine folks at Fabric in the UK, namely Fabric 63.

How much more underground quality (pun intended) do youz need? Well what about this then? On top of all this fantasticness, Icee Hot’s residents with the (mostest) dead presidents (hostess with the mostest etc. is played out, c’mon.) will also be slapping down some tunes, and they are Shawn Reynaldo, Rollie Fingers and Ghosts On Tape. And on top of all this that is already of top of everything else, Rollie Fingers will be getting some help on the decks from Brooklynite and deck technician of note, Rem Koolhaus of Icee’s NY sister party, TURBOTAX®.

You are so there with bells on that it’s not even funny. This will be a night of flawless house music, so do not sleep.

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