Lights Down Low Gets Right Down At The Works

You wake up on a Friday morning, walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror, rub your eyes and think, “Jeekers, I’ve been going to Lights Down Low for six years and tonight is the anniversary party celebrating those six glorious and fulfilling years. Then you call in sick to work and head out to get yourself some new togs and things to pretty yerself up for the night. ” Yes kids, on Friday, February 17th, Lights Down Low will be four years short of a decade old (I didn’t want to use six again. OK?). How frippin’ excitingnistic is that eh? Rather, very, somewhat and significantly, I’d say.

But wait til youz hear (or read, but you’d hear it if someone was reading this blog post to you. Right?) who is on the bill. Now make sure you’re sitting down, I don’t want you falling over and hurting yourself, and I’m completely out of smelling salts at the moment — I’ve been fainting a lot myself recently. The line up consists of, LDL residents Sleazemore and Eli GladEwan Pearson (pictured ‘avin’ a nice cuppa), Danny Daze,  Tim GreenTodd Edwards, Worthy, Lauren Flax from Creep, LOL Boys vs. Jamie from Acid Girls, and Dax. Whatya think of that then, huh? Impressive to say the least. There will no half-steppin’ or short-strokin’ on that night and that’s for dang sure.

Will you be there? Let me answer that question for you, yes you will and no doubt about it, and no excuses. So get yourself a nice new dress/pants/shoes/cat suit etc. etc, and join us down on the floor at the Works for what will be an absolutely banging night of  tech-house, techno, bass, deep-house and indie-electro from artists who have plied their trade on labels such as, Kompakt, BuzzinFly, Dirtybird, Hot Creations, Visionquest, Cocoon, Get Physical, Soma and Kitsune. It’s gonna go off, we guarantee it.

Chris Orr