Martyn Goes Head To Head With Night Slugs And Underground Resistance At Da Works

Oh yesh, youz be hearing me pretty much, very, rather, somewhat and unequivocally correctly. Martyn, two of Night Slugs’ main boys, Girl Unit and Bok Bok, and Santiago Salazar (S2) of Detroit titans Underground Resistance, will be throwing down at the Works on Rocktober the 1st. Which is a Saturday by ze vay. The party is a joint effort by Public Works and the fine, upstanding, stunningly attractive and tall-walking young gentlemenz of Icee Hot.

Once again the Icee Hot boys have shown absolute disregard for genres. Yes folks, being underground while mimicking the marketing techniques of top 40 radio is not where it’s at, you dig? That is, adhering hard and fast to extremely defined styles of music is not really that underground. Icee Hot goes against — or agin, and then I spit the chewin tobacco out of my goddurned mouth — all that kind of nonsense. And fair play, more power and glad tidings to them for carrying out such noble endeavors. At the risk of sounding redundant, Icee Hot are throwing a partay with the Works that is going to feature Martyn live, Bok Bok and Girl Unit from London bass futurists Night Slugs and Santiago Salazar from Underground Resistance. OK, pinch me now, hard.

Martyn’s dj set at the Works for As You Like It back in May, I believe, was absof#$!inglutely schlamming, Night Slugs rule from on high and Underground Resistance drew the plans, dug out the site and laid the foundations of the block that veteran techno players are said to have been around if they have made a sizeable impression on the game for a considerable amount of time.

The night of Rocktober 1st is going to rock your world, float your boat, lift your skirt and tickle you(r) pink (bits) and I can bloody well guarantee that. And I will cut my hand with a sharp Bowie knife (no, not Bowie’s knife) and enter into a blood pact with you in order to wager it. Then I will cuss and spit chewin’ baccy residue out of my mouth agin.

That’s how serious this night is going to be. It’s going to be hella serious. So pretty yersel up for the night and prepare for some intricate bass on the floor at the Works.

Chris Orr