Mills At The Works!

There’s not really a lot you can add to that when you think about it. Right? Jeff Mills is coming to Public Works on Saturday, April 21st. The three turntable wizard from Detroit who created and defined the bruising, minimalist sound of techno in the ’90s will show us what it’s all about I’m sure. Mills was a staple in Detroit from the early ’80s onwards and was renowned for his radio mixes as The Wizard where he blended hip-hop, disco, and any other form of dance music he could get his hands on. In the early ’90s he formed Underground Resistance with Mike Banks and they created, and oversaw the production of, Detroit sounds that ranged from blisteringly hard rave music to soulful garage. Mills moved out of the UR camp — though never officially left — first to New York then to Berlin to take up a residency at Tresor.

He returned to the US to live in Chicago in 1992 and with fellow Detroit producer Robert Hood set up their own imprint Axis, and later, sub-labels Purpose Maker, Tomorrow, and 6277. This collaboration established a minimalist approach to techno that has been with us for 20 years, but is still very new. Those labels have released a large canon of Mills’ own music and he has toured the world in support of them. In his dj sets he often uses three turntables and a Roland 909 drum machine. He is known to tear through up to seventy records in a single hour. We cannot wait!!

However, that’s not all. There’s support from L.A.’s techno finest, Drumcell and from local fave and As You Like It resident MossMoss while the loft features the Icee Hot djs and another Detroit legend, namely Terrence Parker. Parker is firmly on the house side of the tracks and has created classic tunes on labels like 430 West. KMS side label Trance Fusion and on his own Intangible Records. He will offer a soothing house groove to balance Mills’ otherworldly, sonic assault on the main floor.

This will be a serious night of music. Do not miss it!!!

Chris Orr