More Harvey Time On Valentines

What isn’t there to love about Harvey? We all love him. Every time he comes to San Francisco, we just can’t wait to get out on the floor and get some more of his funky stuff (there’s the makings of a disco lyric in there somewhere). Well, on Valentine’s Day, which is NEXT TUESDAY BTW (shorry for shouting) Harvey is gonna be playing at Public Works for the Sex & Design Foreplay party. This shindig is not only a celebration of the global day of love, but a  party for the launch of Sex & Design’s first print publication, which is also called FOREPLAY — no, it is not a magazine about golf, jeez.

Anywayz, where was I? Yeah, so this Sex & Design’s first print publication, and it is, to quote Sex & Design themselves, “a cross between a coffee table art book and a magazine, Sex+Design FOREPLAY explores the lines between freedom and debauchery, art and pornography, beauty and the raw.” Sounds kinda naughty no? Hopefully, you are thinking. Also on the line-up for the partay are the following dance floor dominators, Cole, Anthony Mansfield and 40 Thieves (yes, all 40 of them).

So you will be coming with your sweetie, or leaving with a new one per’aps, Harvey will be rockin’ the discotheque and the Sex & Design ladies will be putting out a new publication. So we will see you on the floor at the Works on Valentine’s night.

Chris Orr