Move D: musical day-trips to the edge of the solar system

I think someone once said something about everything….ever, being made of stardust. While we aren’t necessarily advocating the validity of such a statement, we want to believe. And listening to Move D (aka David Moufang)’s music makes it hard not to conjure up images of interstellar journeys to the source of all life. Ranging from dreamlike textural sound-scapes, to jagged,  dragged out dance-floor burners. Moufang’s albums are loaded with contrasts, musical day-trips to the edge of the solar system and back if you will.

With more than 2 decades of holding down techno’s outer limits, and a host of legendary collab projects (Deep Space Network, Conjoint, REAGANZ) Moufang has been steadily exploring the boundaries of electronic music. Heavily incorporating dusted jazz, Detroit ambiences and a healthy amount of wired experimentation, Move D continues to push the limits of techno, creating a sound and space all his own.

Catch Move D as he beams down to the loft at Public Works for a 3 hour DJ Set this Thursday, October 18 with local support by DJ’s Jonah Sharp, Conor and Mike B.