Murphy To Rock Jackhammer

Yep, you heard that right! Murphy, James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem that is, will be rocking the ones and twos at Public Works tomorrow night, the 25th of May. To say that Murphy, his band, and the DFA label have had a serious influence on modern rock and dance music is an understatement. LCD and label mates The Rapture and The Juan MacLean (a previous Jackhammer guest) cast a long shadow over rock and dance floor music in the first decade of the 21st century. They carved out a place for dj culture in the unlikely world of rock ‘n’ roll and not only featured rocking grooves in their rock music but also stepped up to the plate and on occasion eased in behind the turntables and threw a few tunes down for people to gyrate to.

Murphy will be bringing his passion for dance cuts to us on Friday night and all I can say is that we are delighted. But, we also thought we want to make this one helluva party on both floors of the Works, so we brought in the young Brooklynite deck tech Jacques Renault to man the decks in the Oddjob Loft. He is half of Runaway, one of the men behind the Let’s Play House label and roving (or is it raving?) parties and is involved in the On The Prowl imprint. Like the DFA crew Renault has put a unique spin on NY club culture, bringing in an appreciation for classic dance music and mixing it with the new. He will be joined in the Loft by Lance Desardi of Bang The Box. While on the main floor the night will be opened for James Murphy by the very capable Conor of No Way Back and Derek Opperman of Lost In The Night.

If youz are out and about on Friday night this will be an event well worth checking out for quality tunes and a rocking party vibe. Please join us!

The Works Clerks.