Neon Vinyl Works!

Aaron Paul’s Neon Vinyl shindig, which makes its Public Works debut in the Oddjob Loft on Saturday June 2nd, is awesome on a number of levels. Firstly, a total disregard for genres. As I like to say, if Ron Hardy, Larry Levan, Juan Atkins and Afrika Bambaataa had liked and djed one style of music house, techno and hip-hop wouldn’t exist. Fusion = progress. It ain’t complex. Secondly, the vibe and the patrons are fun and unpretentious. What more need one say about this? Nothing. Next. Thirdly, Aaron likes putting seasoned and younger djs together on the same bill. Whether you want grooving disco, uplifting house or banging electro Neon Vinyl’s got it all and then some.

This session’s deck technicians are as follows, opening the night is B Love; if you’ve lived in San Francisco for any amount of time and haven’t heard of this cat it might be time to do a little research into the rich history of SF’s underground club scene. This guy can rock disco, house, funk, reggae and hip-hop effortlessly and still find time at the weekend to set up sound and dj two Bar Mitzvahs and three weddings. The guy knows how to rock a crowd. Ilya Galperin might be a new name to some, but this kid can turn into it out across a range of styles and still leave room for a few more styles. And he does it with style btw. Enso are the men you need to book when you want that fist-pumping, shoulder-sitting element to your evening. They engage is a no-messing fusion of up-up-up house and rousing electro. They’re gonna set the party off and that’s for sure.

So please join us for a night of super fun!

The Works Clerks