Not All Who Wander Are Lost

There was a time when art was solely the luxury of the wealthy. It’s really only been in the last 50 years that art has become a ubiquitous pursuit available to the every(wo)man. Where commissioned paintings were once the purview of lavish parlorS or well-maintained museums, the access to materials and resources have basically made the whole world a giant canvas. From crochet-bombing bike racks to community-center murals, art has confidently taken its place among the awnings and sidewalks of the worlds, becoming part and parcel of its environment. And while perusing back alleys and forgotten subway tunnels for graffiti is fun and exciting, it just doesn’t really work, having to muster up those latent ninja skills and spelunking fantasies to go see some art. Enter WANDERART, a startup dedicated to “…building a database of art in the public space and helping people find all the amazing art that’s free to see. Our app launches in February, and then you’ll be able to wander with us, keeping track of all the art you find and love. Public art belongs to all of us so we’re bringing it online.”

WanderArt is launching their new app along wit htheir “ART ON BART” Campaign which finds the WanderArt crew “working with six artists to turn their artwork into posters, postcards and prints to offer backers in a Kickstarter campaign, the funds of which will pay for advertisement space in 20 separate BART cars during the month of March.”

On March 8, Public Works will be hosting the launch party for Art on Bart. We invite you to join us in meeting the artists and her their stories behind the artwork.