See that thing up there? That steaming, lazer-shooting gargantuan is a stage……yes…a stage. It’s called Arcadia, and we’re pretty sure it’s a weapon from another planet sent here to rave us all to death. The picture is from the Glastonbury Festival in England. And at that festival, on that stage, PLUMP DJs played. And they killed it. Per usual. And since we are so close to burning Man, we felt that the combination of oversized mechanical spider sound systems that spit fire and 2 of the world’s most renowned Breakbeat DJ / Producer team, PLUMP DJs was an apropos blog post, conjuring up excitement for the coming burn and providing ample inspiration for daydreaming. So, listen to the mix from last year’s Breakfast of Champions party on New Year’s Day and fantasize about half-naked warriors flying dragons into the desert horizon….


PLUMP DJS take to the Public Works stage this Saturday August 10 MORE INFO