Public Accessing, No Messing

We mean that, and when you see the line up for the Public Access show on April 27th you will concur that there will be no fooling at all. This event comes courtesy of Public Works and the mysterious types at 120 Minutes. I’m not sure who he/she/they are for he/she/they are filled with secrets, intricacies, if not total inscrutability. I’ve heard rumors someone called Vergar Del Marquis is involved, but I just don’t know what to believe.

Regardless of what I believe though, you better believe this show is gonna rock your little cotton socks off and here’s a why; on the bill there’s Hype Williams (pictured and obviously not the guy who directed Belly, but a duet from Engerland who named themselves after him). Hype Williams are good, have rekkids on labels like Honest Jon’s Records, Hyperdub, and Hippos in Tanks, and you will like them (that’s not a label, I’m just saying you’ll like them). Then there’s Gatekeeper from Chi-town, a project which combines dark Moroderisms and darker Goblinisms with the somewhat darkest Chicago houseisms, all wrapped in a molasses-black veneer of Gregorian chants that are interspersed with the hopeless screams of the damned (must tell my auntie about them).

And if that wasn’t enough for youz lot, there’s Teengirl Fantasy. How can you forget their sublime “Cheaters” from 2010? The track sounds like Farley Jackmaster Funk and Darryl Pandy playing atop the Tower of Pisa while a blimp full of milk chocolate tears floats just over their heads through pink clouds of marshmallow-flavored heartbreak. Yep, it’s just like that folks. Also on the bill are Yay Area Acid-tech types Total Accomplishment and other Yay Area persons Def_Kvlt:. All this will be going down on the  main floor, which will be very, very visuals oriented and will also feature a drag/living art show by Dia Dear.

The Oddjob Loft will be headlined by recent Mad Decent signing Zebra Katz (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx) and back up will be in the shape of  DJ Dials, Sleazemore Richie Panic and Dial-Up djs. So what are youz waiting for? Oh you’re waiting for Friday the 27th of April to come around so you can attend and immerse yourself in a night of spectacular splendidness. I thought so. Don’t miss this kids. You’ll be kickin’ yourselves if you do.

The Works Clerks